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Can you feel it in the air? No, not the onset of fall, silly. The new iPhone! Ever since the release of the iPhone 4, it was obvious that the iPhone 5 would be coming. The only question was this: "When?" Rumors have been flying over the past few months about when exactly Apple would step up to the plate and reveal their next smartphone. WWDC came and went without a peep about the next-gen phone, and rumored September dates slipped back as well. So now, it looks like early October will do the trick.

Apple quite simply has to get this phone out before the holiday shopping season, or at least we would assume so. Waiting until 2012 is highly doubtful, particularly since iOS 5 will hit the public at some point in the fall. Timing the release of iOS 5 and the iPhone 5 to hit simultaneously seems to make logical sense, and All Things D has confirmed that a "special event" will take place in San Francisco on October 4th. Naturally, newly-appointed CEO Tim Cook will be the man taking the stage to introduce the new software and hardware, and it'll be quite the important showcase in his career.

It's almost hard to believe that we're coming up on our fifth iteration of the iPhone, but it's true, and if the sources prove correct, the handset will be on sale "within weeks" after the keynote. So, are you up for contract renewal? Are you planning to switch carriers to get it? What if Sprint joins the fun and grabs a version of their own? We suspect you won't be able to miss the fireworks. 

Better go get in line! This announcement should get the fanboys going. I'm up for a new phone but pigs will fly before I buy a crapple phone.


Being that Apple is the only one who is designing iOS phones unlike the open source Android it does not surprise me at all that we are already approaching the 5th gen phone. If Apple fails to keep pumping out updated devices they will not be able to compete with the thousands of Android devices.


you are right draco, i mean the new iphone will have a redone back and a new dual core processor with a 8mp camera. These things pretty much come standard on all cellphones now. Apple seems to be losing a step with the iphone now. They seem to be behind the curve with the hardware, and the software they basically just stole the best things from other phones (BB, win7, and android) and stuck it in iOS 5. They also messed up by not putting it on tmobile. If they made a true world phone, their sales would be off the charts.