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35: HotHardware's Two and A Half Geeks Webcast - Sept. 19, 2011In this latest episode of HotHardware's Two and Half Geeks, Dave, Iyaz and Marco discuss the many announcements and happenings at the Intel Developers Forum 2011, Microsoft's Windows 8 Developer Preview, AMD's Guinness Book World Record-breaking 8GHz overclock of their upcoming FX processor, the OCZ Z-Drive R4 and details of our Labor Day Gaming System Giveaway where you could win a sweet gaming rig! Show Notes:
00:58 - IDF 2011 Otellini Keynote: Haswell, Solar, X86 Android
01:25 - IDF 2011 Eden Keynote: Ultrabooks and Ivy Bridge
02:18 - Intel X79-Based Motherboard and Liquid-Cooler Sneak Peek
03:20 - IDF 2011 Tech Showcase Sneak Peek: Asus, MSI, Kingston, Gigabyte
05:30 - Microsoft Windows 8 Explored at BUILD
12:11 - AMD Breaks 8GHz Overclock with Upcoming FX Processor, Sets World Record
14:51 - OCZ Z-Drive R4 Sneak Peek
18:12 - HotHardware's Labor Day Gaming System Giveaway!

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Well... IDF was pretty amazing. I'm wondering if there's video footage of IDF in today's episode...

The X79 motherboard, Windows 8, AMD Bulldozer, OCZ; I've already commented on most of these but I'll repeat for convience. Asetek is a good cooler, Windows 8 is good but has a large uphill battle to contend to, Bulldozer looks amazing but expectations are not withstanding and the SSD is both powerful and expensive.


Sounds like IDF really was great this year.

Good points on windows 8. I'm glad it's finally shedding some pounds, I hope it's not at the power-user's cost.


Another solid vid cast,absolutely no question for me with the AMD Bulldozer record to a be announced just before IDF,would have down the same with that type of record-breaking news myself and steal a bit if the Intel limelight.

Sure looks like a sweet match up with the Intel and Windows 8 BUILD going on and still a lot to refer to with the excellent coverage HH delivered to us guys this week .You guys rock ! [H]  Inspired by Dave's Win 8 vid preview thought it would be best to just check it out for myself....yep pretty cool stuff going on under the hood with the suspend and more and worth the time to check-out the Portal ??type  navigation of Metro....or without see threads

For me  the OCZ Z-Drive is a technological marvel and cannot wait to see the trickle down Super Scale Storage Processor ..SSSP ?  on some mainstream developments.

All the Super Hot tech being presented this week from you guys is absolutely amazing and your coverage was incredible.



Nice stuff guys I always enjoy the Webcast.


Did anyone notice the pre-show reel at the end? :)


Wow a lot going on this week with the CPU's, OS's, OCZ's ever increasing magna portfolio of SSD's and on and on. Great coverage as usual!


wow the ultrabook is pretty slim then to fit inside another laptop :D

lol dave, ya just a few, no biggy. Do you get to keep that after testing? lol

dave, just got to it when the window reloaded 😛

"Super scale!"

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^man that reload makes me so mad!!! grrr lol

IDF sounded jam packed with goodness, I hope you brought along a personal note taker!!


Thanks for the broadcast. Intel really has a lot of cool stuff coming down the line. I love all the low power items they are coming up with and think they will be really useful for K-12 schools.

Windows 8 is looking good considering it is not slated to be released for another year.

WOW!!!! @ the OCZ SSD that is absolutely amazing. I can't wait to see these crazy cards in the servers I have at work.

As far as the Labor day contest it rocks and how could you not make friends on this great community.


Another good one guys. Is that a Les Paul behind Iyaz on the wall?


"That be cool if people get into the hobby of Overclocking SSD's, Iyaz is nuts, but he's on to something, look what the firmware upgrade did to improve speeds of the Crucial M4. Imagine if someone can alter settings and voltages in SSD's and turn up read and writes speeds. Anyhow, great episode, the IDF coverage was excellent and this episode of 2HG had even more info."


yeah I certainly the outake pre-show real at the end. the audio check should quiet some of the remarks on some of the channels regarding a bit of 'hot' levels in previous vidcasts.The blue-orb mic is back on the scene ?

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Overclocking SSD's is a hard possibility to grasp and it would not be likely. I mean that M4 firmware mostly likely fixed some stuff that was hindering it's performance; and there are a lot of things that can hinder performance (wear leveling, write cycles, possible flaws in the SandForce processor.)

Besides, the only thing that can be increased is the processor itself, which I doubt most people would want to do since well... One wrong mistake and your SSD is history. Again, you can increase the speed and voltage but you'd have to take into consideration the write cycles, the wear leveling, and also the speed of the interface (since it'd be unlikely you'd gain a massive performance increase unless you had a PCI-E SSD.

While it does sound cool on paper, it just doesn't have the kind of spark needed to fly. I mean Memory, CPU's and GPU's are considered overclockable because well, they don't contain your data, they work in ways where you can increase the frequencies and not expect an imbalance and there more designed for heavy usages. SSD's on the other hand, do have your data, do have a certain way of doing things and well, don't last as long. (due to MLC chips; unless the wear leveling was really, really good; my faith is still in SLC chips for long term usage.) Those factors as well as others essentially stop SSD overclocking dead in the water.