"After reading more info on your set up and more of post and needs, I can recommend this scenario.

Best Option

1. Get yourself the 2GB 6870 recomended by Der, and if its not available where you are located, try to find the 5870 Eyefinity 6 Edition , third option would be the Card suggested by rrplay , although I feel by some info I've read, that having 2GB is more preferable when running multiple monitor configurations , especially in this case, which is six off one card, the experience will be smoother. But it will work nonetheless. And yes, They ALL FIT.

* To keep on with that scenario, All cards will run fine on your setup with the 460 PSU, dont worry about that. Heres the proof, Hothardware reviewed a Dell XPS 7100 , although diferent parts, similar chassis,  but similar power consumption, it handled the 5870 and rest of the components just fine. Plus the video On TOP has the 5870 running . 


*Now, the 6870 comes with two Mini Display port to DVI adapters and 4 Mini Display port to Full Display Port adapters. so, since you are opting for those Ultrasharps with Display Port and DVI inputs, you can get started right away, However, you will need to buy 4 Display Port Cables, since they are not included with the monitor accessories.  Offcourse, Those are excellent monitors, Excellent. 


* For the 7th and 8th monitor I suggest you use your spare GT 530 and build a new low cost PC and add that card to it. Or use on your older setup if you like.


Thats Scenario 1 and the best That I can recommend since you want to keep the Dell PC and their support.. 



My God, you guys not just Geniuses buy Very Kind, selfless, ethical people who are going out of way to help me & others. What can I say, I am very grateful.

I am located in India & it is very early morning & I am going to answer all your questions today, so please bear with me.

I was totally exhausted last night & couldn't reply to you guys when it was really morning there.


Der Meister

Here is some more info you want :

I am located in a small town in India.

Despite what you hear about US & other countries outsourcing tech support & software engineers, India is way behind when it comes to hardware & building PCs.

Dell builds their PCs in Malaysia & Singapore & then imports to India to sell them. In My Dell rig, they couldn’t make the TV tuner work & I am still waiting for parts after a month & half.

Look at the options they offer in their top of the line XPS 8300 rig. They gave no choice for Monitor  ( Only 18.5 inch LCD, no HD, nothing, a $ 25 Monitor ), No choice of a second HDD, only one 500 GB HDD, No choice of Video Card, just a crapy one etc. etc.

Then I told them that they are insulting & ripping off people. That got their attention & here ( Link in Mediafire ) is what they are offering now. Still nothing compared to what they are offering in US.

What I like about Dell here is that with one phone call they send their tech person next day & replace parts. In my old rig Optiplex GX 620, they replaced motherboard 3 times, processor once, PSU 3 times, DVD-RW twice, Front Panel twice, Fan 3 times, pretty much everything except the case & all that for free within warranty period. If it was HP or some other PC, I have to take PC to their service dept, they keep the rig form 1 to 2 weeks & then blame me for it not working.

India hardly manufactures any hardware. 99% is imported, mostly from China.

With 115 degree temps, humidity & dust, most hardware doesn’t last more than a year or two.

My current Dell rig is a common person’s whole year earnings. So Dell is a blessing with their support team who knows nothing except to replace the parts.

Actually Dell subcontracts to other Indian firms & they in turn subcontract to real small shops whose engineers have never seen high end parts or systems & are fresh graduates with almost zero experience & when they come to my place to replace a part, they have to be in contact with Dell over the phone to make sure they are able to do the job. One guy blew new motherboard that Dell sent him with right in front of my eyes while trying to replace it.

I have been Dell customer for 9 years so I know a lot about Dell.

I have posted images to show you how I want to use 8 monitors & how some other traders use them too. Currently I have to s[censored]ze 3 charts on one monitor. I really want to look at 8 charts so I can’t s[censored]ze them on one or even 2 monitors. I want each chart separately in its own monitor so that I can see the more data & less clutter & that helps make better decisions. Most professional stock traders use 3 to 12 monitors.

www dot mediafire dot com/?m1p1b9ibt31bi9a

Does above clarify my needs ?

Another important thing you guys need to know is that most of the current advanced Hardware like Video Cards & high end Motherboards & monitors etc. are not available in India. Here is a link for one of the most comprehensive computer outlet that will give you an idea as to what is available in India. You just might get a shock. To get a price in dollar, it is 45 Rupees to a dollar so just divide the price by 45.

www dot computerwarehousepricelist dot com

I will have to import the video cards & converters which with 50 % import duty & Fed Ex or UPS shipping ( Around $ 25.00/pound ) will cost me arms & legs & hence I cannot afford to make a mistake. I need all your expertise before I go ahead with this setup.

Please let me know if you need more info.

Hopefully this will clarify the picture better.

Thank You Again.


georgetok wrote:

Here is some more info you want :

"This is what I want on each monitor"

"This is what it Looks like on a single monitor"


georgetok wrote:

Hopefully this will clarify the picture better.

"Ok, I read your response, We will come up with more solutions that can help you better. Its late here, but more responses will come about soon, we are on it to help you get the best results"


thanks for putting these up here is the Dell web link shared for convenience :

Dell XPS 8300 



real late for me as well. Any thoughts you have on some options

presented so far and along the way are and budget will help .More  suggestions coming soon enough.


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Just read... I see that you want three of those computer monitors for stock trading. No problem; I don't know if you've asked Dell or not but if they only allow you those choices, go with the 6770. The 6870 suggested would be too powerful (as in power that will only be used for gaming and 3D rendering and such.) and as such, not a good use for what you'd be doing; which is stock trading. The 6770 and it's 1GB of memory (really, more than 1GB is only useful if you're playing video games across three screens or using higher resolution texture packs.) should be enough to drive more than 3 or 6 screens and show the stock staticstic on each one of those screens.

Also you do not need one of those expensive monitors that Wheatley suggested. I mean you only need to decipher the charts on each of those 6 screens and you do not need the color accuracy or the extra features it provides. Instead either a 22 inch screen or a 27 inch screen with just the basics will do you fine. Again, you do not need an expensive screen with extra features that a person in your possession will not need or ever use; just buy 6 basic decent quality monitors (what I said before applies, research makes for a worthwhile screen investment.

And yes, you would need to buy those DisplayPort connectors if you buy the ATI card but you'll get a solution that's easy and more importantly, works. Again, you don't need a powerful card and you don't need a powerful monitor for your profession, a 6770 and a decent 22 inch and/or 27 inch monitor with the basics.

These are my suggestions for a cheap suitable monitor.

PLANAR PX2710MW @ NewEgg

ASUS VW224T @ NewEgg

Again, you have a choice in the matter, you can choose any monitor that you find suitable, you don't have to go with these two monitors.

With that being said, I really hope this advice helps you in any form or way.


Hi Guys,

Have been trying to understand the concept of multi monitors & have more info for you.

I have 2 types of applications.

(1) In this type of application, I can open as many charts as I want as I posted a picture with 3 charts in it. Now if I want to open each of those charts in its own monitor, I have to stretch out the main application window across 8 monitors & then detach & drag each chart in its own monitor. This is the case with some older applications.

(2) In newer applications, I open the application & open as many charts as I want. Then all I have to do is restore the chart to a smaller size & just drag it to whichever monitor I want. This is the easiest & very effective way of using as many monitors as I want upto 80 Monitors max.

Also more the resolution a video card gives for each monitor ( To its Full Resolution ), more info I can fir into each chart & monitor.

I was reading on video cards a bit & got little confusing when it comes to using 2 or 3 video cards, this popped in my mind so I thought I better let you guys know.

Because of time difference day here & night in California or Arizona ( PST ) I may not be able to chat with you guys in real time but I will try hardest to do just that & keep you guys posted.

As always many Thanks.


Just stoppped in and spotted this card which may get you moving along...>>> check out  PowerColor HD6870 2GB GDDR5 Eyefinity 6  Part NumberAX6870

to see if it's available for you..You could even use some monitors from Acer or Hanis to save some money & do not need high performance and color for the software & charts.

The friend I previously mentioned actually uses 2@ 27" Hanis screens Pretty sure  the software is dif and different management of the screen real estate .The pics you sent and comments about the software help & you may want to consider  viewing distance and desktop setup room

***.If you get a chance take a pic of the inside of your chassis and post it here.***

Might be a good idea too to price out 6 screens with your size preference & proposed budget and go from there...Just a few thoughts and hope some of this  this helps.

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Be aware that if you do go with Acer then you are risking a lack of quality & customer support. I mean Acer screens aren't known to last for a long time and the company that makes these products does seem to have a pretty shoddy record when it comes to customer support (though that might of changed.)

Aside from that; it's nice to see you giving more information. I did find a video card that suits your needs though.

This has 2 DVI ports, 1 DisplayPort and 1 HDMI. The DisplayPort on that card is 1.2, which means you can probably get a hub that has 3 DVI ports into it and plugs into DisplayPort. 2 monitors that plug into DVI and 1 monitor that plugs into HDMI but directly into DVI (HDMI to DVI cable should do), that should give you a max of 6 monitors.

Also it's understandable if you can't chat with us in real time, we're just glad to help.



Here's the deal on the 6870 with 2GB and why it cost what it cost. First it has double the memory of a standard 6870, it supports a 6 monitor configuration, and last but not least, is that all those included adapters cost money, I estimate a *retail* value of about $80 dollars just on adapters. Its one of  the wisest choice to make because its six monitors and you can use the spare GT 530 for two more monitors. RRplay found a PowerColor Version also, Thats important, And I'll tell you why later.

Also, The ASUS EAH6950 DCII/2DI4S/1GD5 suggested by rrplay is great, but you will have to buy all the adapters separately, and it might end up being a little more costly and time consuming, but a great choice it is. 

We all have to agree that for 8 monitors , You have to have two systems.  Now, let me talk about something else before we move on.

You stated that you like the U2412M as your choice of monitors, I agreed because Dell has a presence in India. If there is any problems they can send a technician handle it, and or, there is an easier process of return and replacement , even though it might be a headache like you stated.

georgetok wrote:

What I like about Dell here is that with one phone call they send their tech person next day & replace parts.

I did think about,  that it might be too expensive and they do offer cheaper monitors, but really, those are great monitors and they have excellent viewing angles , so if you get up to talk or to stretch a bit, you will be able to keep an aye out on those stock numbers from any angle without distorting like TN panels do when watched from the side. Also, I thought about the type of business you do. I dont know if you work from home or in a office, But the Dell brand name and the great looks of the monitors and the way you want to set it up, will look very professional  and inspire more trust from your customers towards you and the people that pass by your office space. Ultimately the choice is yours, the other member do make some good points.  But ultimately, it because of Dell's presence in India. 

Edit: Also, The U2412M are 1920x1200 as opposed to the others, that are 1920x1080. Thats a plus because there is more space for more info to be displayed. 

With that out of the way , Let me also recommend that you can just Buy A regular 6870 in your country , I'm not totally sure, but I think it can support 5 monitors,(maybe six, with the info provided by Taylor , Any One Can find out ?, I will also look it up) Or buy two , for the other setup and the other 3 monitors . And if you feel you need more monitors, you will be ready for two more. 



Now, I thought to myself, how could India not have a store like NewEgg. So I searched and searched and found this site : TheITdepot.Com , apart from , that you can order online , they have 4 stores in India, where you can go in a seek advice and also take a look a some monitors and cards.

George , take a look, see if any of those stores are nearby, or write to them or call them a seek advice about your needs.

Also, even though they dont have the VisionTek 6870 2GB Eyefinity in stock, PowerColor does make the same version (as rrplay pointed out) . Theitdepot distributes PowerColor brand cards, so maybe they can make a request for you, for that model to PowerColor.  Who knows, maybe they are able to get it. its worth a try. 

That's my input for now, What ever else I can get, I will post. Hope it helps more. 

Click To Enlarge



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The 6870 2GB Eyefinity edition costs $300; and while they may include the adapters. It's a waste because there is no need for 2GB's in a non-3D environment; you're just doing stocks, not playing video games.

Also the 6770 I suggested is cheaper, I mean if you buy that and this adapter from Dell. You can get it for $200 USD, which is $100 cheaper then the 6870 and leaves you with more money to buy monitors.

Theitdepot someone suggested is fine but be weary that you'll be paying more for the cards then you do here in the US. On average you'll be paying like $163 USD for the same card that you can get in the US for $89.99. I understand that it's going to be more once you add up international shipping but you'll still be paying a cheaper price for it than you would in India.

Again, it's all up to you. I'm just suggesting the 6770 since it can do Eyefinity and it's well within the range of what you want.



Thank you guys. Those are all excellent suggestions with good reasons for each of them.

Few bucks here or there wouldn't hurt but important thing is to make it work as simply as possible & maikng sure my system would take it without making major changes.

I must also admire you going out of way to find something similar to newegg.

The IT Depot can not be compared to even the smallest IT retailer in US.

These are small Mom & Pop shops with notorious reputation. Believe me, I & many of my friends have been ripped off buying anything online in India. If you give out your credit card info, it has been misused thousands of times. They also want you to deposit fund in Bank or send them a check & untill they receive money, they will not ship. If you don't get the product, there is nothing much you can do about it. You will be wasting your time e mailing them or calling them.

If you study carefully ITDepot, all of their 4 stores are really small like Pawn shops except well decorated to take a nice picture for website & they are in the same city. It is almost 1000 miles away from where I am. So no way of checking them out in person. The website address I gave you is somewhat ok because I have been to their place long time ago. But if you look at their products, they have no description, no specs, no photos. You don;t know what you are getting.

In India even if you buy something in person from a shop, most of them tell you there is no return & no refund. Warranty means nothing here. I have bought Air Conditioners, Freeze & all kind of appliances etc from brand names like Samsung & Hitachi from local store in my town. They promise everything when they are selling you the stuff & if something goes wrong you have to call their toll free support number & getting thru them might take you days & after that they will schedule a visit but no one shows up, so you call again & again & ...

I have been thru that more times then I want to remember.

That is why Dell is refreshing. At least you get thru their line after waiting & most of the time they show up with new parts. They also record the calls so employees are careful & listen to you.

In short, whaever you buy in India, just pray that it will work & never do it online.

So I would rather pay more to an outlet like newegg or Amazone & get a great choice

 & right product.

I did go thrue all the video cards at ITDepot site but didn't find eyefinity or any single slot video card.

VisionTek 6870 has 6 mini DPs & reasonable priced but it is 2 GB. It wouldn't hurt but at least keeps all ports similar & compatible with Dell monitors.

What do you guys think of this idea for a second card. Buy a 16 to 1 adapter & get a nice second card with 5 Mini DPs like PowerColor 5770. That way I can expand if needed in future.

Dell adapter has low resolution so I am not sure if it would work.

I am still studying all your suggestions & will keep you posted.

As always many Thanks.







georgetok wrote:

What do you guys think of this idea for a second card. Buy a 16 to 1 adapter & get a nice second card with 5 Mini DPs like PowerColor 5770. That way I can expand if needed in future.

"You mean an Nvidia NF-200 adapter. I thinks thats smart. If in fact if you can get one,(because I have never seen it on sale, maybe its available direct from Nvidia) then it would be smart to get two Powercolor or VisionTeK 5770 Eyefinity 5 and run your eight monitors from it. "

"I dont know If the if you mean , that you would buy a 6870 and then buy a 5770 for Crossfire, I dont think it will work like that, due to one being an older generation, I have heard that in AMD cards you can do mismatches of models , unlike Nvidia. Im sure someone else can confirm that!.  "



I was talking about following for $ 20.00 PCI-Express x1 to Low Profile x16 Slot Extension Adapter PCIe x1 to PCIe x16 slot adapter

That way it converts my PCIe x 1 slot to PCIe x 16 slot & I can use 2 PCIe x 16 Cards.

Thus I can use something like 6870 & 5770 giving me 11 mini Display Ports & choice of having 11 monitors in future. But I am not sure if my motherboard & power supply can handle it. I can change power supply but don't want to change motherboard because that will void Dell warranty.

What do you guys think ?