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If you like options and USB 3.0 flash drives, today’s your lucky day. Corsair announced a handful of new USB 3.0 drives in its Flash Voyager, Flash Voyager GT, and Flash Survivor families.

The new Flash Voyagers are slightly smaller than the originals at 73 x 22mm versus 100 x 26mm, but they’re wrapped in essentially the same exterior.

If regular old USB 3.0 speed isn’t enough for you, the Flash Voyager GTs are allegedly faster than conventional USB 3.0 drives with read/write speeds of 135/83MBps. Although the rubber-coated Flash Voyager GTs are water resistant, the Flash Survivor drives are housed in aluminum and are waterproof up to 200 meters, shock-resistant, and vibration-resistant.

All of the new drives support Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux out of the box, and they’re predictably backward-compatible with USB 2.0, but not earlier USB iterations.

There are six new drives in all available today, and they come in a variety of capacities and prices.

Flash Voyager GT
-64GB, $129
-32GB, $59

Flash Voyager
-16GB, $24
-8GB, $17

Flash Survivor
-16GB, $35
-8GB, $28

Too bad they don't make the GT in a 16gb version. I might have to grab one of the 32 GT's, I see newegg has $10 rebates on them right now.

Does anyone have one of these? I have a 16gb usb2 voyager and I've been super disappointed with the performance. My Kingstons blow it out of the water.


Hell you can't beat the price of 59 for 32GB in your pocket lol. Plus I love that they are rubberized so hopefully they will last longer than some cheap flash drives that I have owned.


The sarvivor looks real neat 😃, loving that design :)


still 59.00 buck is reall good for the GT plus a $10 rebate ,..still the the Voyager 16 GB at $20 with rebate and free shipping is almost too good to pass even with slower speeds.


I still have my 2GB Flash Voyager going strong. Although it is on the tiny side it has worked flawlessly.