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While most of us spent Labor Day weekend s[censored]zing in one final barbeque before the kids head back to school and we jump back into the hustle and bustle of the work week, Intel was busy beefing up its 32nm Sandy Bridge processor line. The Santa Clara chip maker unveiled a price list detailing 16 new processors spread across its desktop and mobile processor families. Let's take a look.

In the Desktop category, Intel added four Core i processors, three Pentium chips, and four Celeron CPUs. These include:
  1. Core i5 2320: 3.0GHz, quad-core, 6MB, 95W, $177
  2. Core i3 2130: 3.4GHz, dual-core, 3MB, 65W, $138
  3. Core i3 2125: 3.3GHz, dual-core, 3MB, 65W, $134
  4. Core i3 2120T: 2.6GHz, dual-core, 3MB, 35W, $127
  5. Pentium G860: 3GHz, dual-core, 3MB, 65W, $86
  6. Pentium G630: 2.7GHz, dual-core, 3MB, 65W, $75
  7. Pentium G630T: 2.3GHz, dual-core, 3MB, 35W, $70
  8. Celeron G540: 2.5GHz, dual-core, 2MB, 65W, $52
  9. Celeron G530T: 2GHz, dual-core, 2MB, 35W, $47
  10. Celeron G530: 2.4GHz, dual-core, 2MB, 65W, $42
  11. Celeron G440: 1.6Ghz, single-core, 1MB, 35W, $37
That leaves five additional processors for the Mobile category, which consist of the following:
  1. Core i7 2960XM: 2.7GHz, quad-core, 8MB, 55W, $1,096
  2. Core i7 2860QM: 2.5Ghz, quad-core, 8MB, 45W, $568
  3. Core i7 2760QM: 2.4GHz, quad-core, 6MB, 45W, $378
  4. Core i7 2640M: 2.8Ghz, dual-core, 4MB, 35W, $346
  5. Celeron B840: 1.9GHz, dual-core, 2MB, 35W, $86
Quite the expansive list, eh? What's interesting is the number of sub-$100 processors, which should help Intel fend off competition from AMD in the entry-level market.
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Hmmm... For a quad core 2.7GHz processor; that seems to cost a way too much. I would expect it to cost about $300 less... I mean comparing that to the desktop processor line, it's outrageous.


Anything with an ~X~ in the number is an "Extreme" CPU and they always ding you at least a grand for them.

It's probably an amazingly fast CPU. [:P]


I like... Core i3 2120T: 2.6GHz, dual-core, 3MB, 35W, $127 a new prospective processor for the HTPC that I hope to build soon.

Mike Coyne

I'm glad to see Intel relased new CPUs. I'm still use Intel for long time. I considered the CPU is best from Intel and make better technology and design on the processor..


Lots of newer choices for the desktop that are definitely power savers .The ones I am watching is what Intel does with the price of the chips for the ultra-books like the Core i5-2557 for example.We had a previous discussion here 

maybe the new chips announced will allow a bit more flexibility along with better percentage reduction to ultrabook OEM in pricing to match the selection in the lineup..


I'm especially excited to see the mobile options, nothing beats the i7 for speed and power consumption.