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Apple isn't the only one capable of creating an epic buzz for a product launch. Gaming peripheral maker Razer on Monday put the world -- and especially the console community -- on notice that PC gaming is far from dead, and those who claim otherwise can stick their obituaries where the sun doesn't shine. The language wasn't quite as confrontational as that, but pretty close, and the outfit even took out a full spread in The Wall Street Journal giving gamers a heads up that on August 26th, "we shall remind you -- that PC Gaming is NOT dead." So what was the big reveal.

As many suspected it would be, Razer today announced its Switchblade gaming notebook with a new name. It's being launched as the 'Razer Blade,' quite the clever name, and this is quite the clever laptop. In fact, Razer is pitching it as the world's first true gaming laptop.

"The PC industry today has never looked bleaker. The world’s largest PC-maker Hewlett-Packard just announced their intention to explore the separation of its PC business. With PC manufacturers increasingly abandoning design and technology in lieu of outsourcing and cost-cutting, the PC industry has seen a severe dearth of innovation in recent years," Razer laments. "Gaming consoles have also taken advantage of this innovation slump in the PC industry to garner attention from game developers and gamers alike, to the extent that now PC versions of cross-platform games are often sub-par ports of their console counterparts.

"Razer, the world leader in high performance gaming hardware, introduces the Razer Blade – a full aluminum chassis gaming laptop featuring true portability, incredible performance, and an all-new revolutionary user interface. With the introduction of the Razer Blade – a feat of modern-day systems engineering and technology, Razer is reinvigorating technological and design innovation for the entire PC industry, and encouraging gamers and developers to return to the PC as the primary gaming platform of choice."

More than just marketing speak, this is exactly the kind of rhetoric PC gamers worried about their platform of choice need to hear, and nobody has really stepped up to the plate... until now. Before we get to what makes the Razer Blade so special, let's take a look at the spec sheet:
  • 17-inch LED backlit display (1920x1080)
  • Intel Core i7 2640M processor clocked at 2.8GHz
  • 8GB DDR3-1333 memory
  • Nvidia GeForce GT 555M graphics with Optimus technology
  • 320GB SATA hard drive
  • HD webcam
  • 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • 60Wh battery

That's a solid set of hardware, but there's more here than just modern day components clumped into a chassis. The chassis is actually one of the things that sets the Razer Blade apart. While this is a 17-inch gaming notebook, it measures 16.81 (W) x 10.9 (D) x 0.88 (H) inches and weighs less than 7 pounds. It's significantly more portable than most other gaming notebooks that sometimes check in at over 2 inches thick and upwards of 10 pounds. Those machines, while aimed at gamers, are really just desktop replacements, Razer says, whereas the Razer Blade is a true portable gaming machine in every sense of the word.

"The Razer Blade was designed to give gamers a laptop they could truly use on the go," said Min-Liang Tan, CEO and Creative Director, Razer. "Its sleek, lightweight aluminum construction makes it the thinnest 17-inch gaming laptop available today."

Min-Liang Tan puts on his serious face in the above video and goes into a little more detail about the Razer Blade, including its potentially awesome Switchblade User Interface. The Razer Blade sports 10 dynamic adaptive tactile keys to quickly issue in-game commands, with an LCD sitting just below. When using your mouse, the LCD displays in-game information, and there's also a second mode that functions as a multi-touch panel for gaming on the go.

In short, the Razer Blade is a powerful, lightweight, portable gaming machine with a unique keyboard and layout. Is it enough to shake up the PC gaming landscape? Time will tell. The Razer Blade will ship in Q4 for $2,800, which also raises the question of whether PC gamers at large will be willing to plunk down nearly three grand on a gaming laptop.

This is very cool looking but the price is totally not worth it. What I would love to see them do is make a Desktop keyboard using the same type of technology that is in the keyboard :)


i want to see the gaming benchmarks. so far not worth the money. g73 is less than half that price


that is one pretty pretty laptop.

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I'm not sure it'll make the PC a dominant platform again but that is one pretty PC.


"What I would love to see them do is make a Desktop keyboard using the same type of technology that is in the keyboard "

In razer's new starwars keyboard they put this technology, and depending on how well people like it they will probably move it to many other gaming keyboards. I know i would like to see my keys light up as spell icons in mmo games. However they will probably be pretty pricy.


That is one sexy machine. Way out of my price range though. Way to go Razer! I like to see the socal companies doing well!


That's one laptop eh? We're requesting one ASAP. :)


fat78 wrote:

"What I would love to see them do is make a Desktop keyboard using the same type of technology that is in the keyboard "

"Totally agrree, Excellent Idea"

[quote user="Drake_McNasty"]

That is one sexy machine. Way out of my price range though. Way to go Razer! I like to see the socal companies doing well!


Except for the molding on the back of the monitor and the touch pad location, The Razer Blade looks just like the Mac Book Pro, but that all black finish is sexy indeed. I really like the the touch pad and its GUI, but then comes what I dont like, The Price, damn.

"The processor is nice, but, a puny 320GB (spinning??)Hard drive,maybe its two 160GB SSD's in raid 0? Then the GT 555m and just 8GB of RAM for that price."

"I honestly think that this type of thin, Mac Book Pro like, sexy chassis and specs, and PRICE should be geared toward the business crowd and not gamers. Do I want one, Hell Friggin Yeah"


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fat78 wrote:

"What I would love to see them do is make a Desktop keyboard using the same type of technology that is in the keyboard "

Well they did make the Optimus keyboard which was useable but cost a freaking fortune, the way Razer is implementing it seems like a better usage and could help to get it into as many homes as possible.

I am expecting them to put this technology on a keyboard as soon as possible, I mean if they can manage to put it into a laptop and that laptop ends up being a reasonable price then there's no way they can't do the same for a desktop keyboard that'll likely cost $100 or more.


Love the matte black finish, lit keyboard, and is that a matte screen too?



".......,The Razer Blade looks just like the Mac Book Pro...."

Cue lawsuit

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that looks like its gonna be fun dude.

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looks like the "News" account has been taken over...


Just by having a GT555 as the GPU disqualifies this overpriced notebook from ever being a "gaming"notebook. and powerful it is not.

What it is is cute and uber expensive.

Razer should stick to what they have been doing well.

Like the saying goes,"a fool and their money are soon parted".