i was round at my mates the other day and i was having a go at fixing his old dutch's p100 🙂 , the cool thing was instead of a hasstlefull reinstallation of windows etc the normal way, all the drivers and windows etc were in an image on the cd so it was setup with minimum fuss

i have mcafee image but aint ever got round to using it much
ive got a cd writer too
so all i need to know is how would i go about setting up the cd from the point of a clean installed c partition with only drivers etc installed.
i mean it cant be as simple as create the image file then store it on cd?
id be wanting to be able to use it on a clean formated c drive with no windows installed on comp
so wouldnt i need some sort of disk to tell the comp to install the cd

windows98se incase that mattersthx in advance ppl
Not sure if this is what u need but...Nero Burning Rom program will create an image file !!!

Hope this helps & Taker Easy, Dodge
Step 1: Aquire Norton Ghost however you see fit.

Step 2: Install a fresh installation of your OS and drivers and get everything working the way you like it.

Step 3: Install and run Norton Ghost and create the Ghost Boot Diskette.

Step 4: Use the Boot Diskette you created to boot into Norton Ghost and create an image of your Hard Drive. In order to complete this step, you MUST have some other media write the image too. This can be a separate Hard Drive with sufficient space, it can be a Network Drive (on another machine on the network), and it can even be a Blank CD-ROM in your burner (if you have the latest version of Ghost). Choose the method you want, when you create the Boot Diskette.

Step 5: If you put the image on another Hard Drive or another Machine, boot up and burn the image to a CD. You can even span multiple CDs if your image is large.

Step 6: Any time you want to go back to fresh, use the Ghost Boot Disk to boot up and then simply insert the CD and write the image back onto the Hard Drive... EVERYTHING WILL BE LOST.

Good Luck!