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Mike Coyne

Hey, Rrplay. Last thing I want let you know I did run on IntelBurn test and set at MAX with 4.40 GHz and It got hot  about 80 to 87 C . After test was done the the report show the I7 990X (OC at 4.40 GHz) is stable and did pass the test. Volts was at 1.344 (normal for to run at 4.40 GHz) YAY! [Y]

Der Meister

@ 80-87 you might want to think about a aftermarket cooler to help with the temps. A OC'd chip kept with in a good range will last forever, an OC'd chip at the edged of its thermal range reduces it life.


Der Meister wrote:

@ 80-87 you might want to think about a aftermarket cooler to help with the temps. A OC'd chip kept with in a good range will last forever, an OC'd chip at the edged of its thermal range reduces it life.

Thanks for chiming in Der Meister and that is so true.In the upper 80s C range at 4.4GHz  but not if it were mine.

http://hothardware.com/c...8.aspx?PageIndex=1   [posted for convenience]

@Mike there is a reason as you noticed from running the IntelBurnIn app as suggested, to give us real idea of the temp under a full load.Generates a bit more heat than OCCT .for sure .

Best to back off the OC for now  to be at least in the 60sC [compromise the OC ] until you get a better cooler.  when ya get chance post a pic or 2 of the inside of that chassis.There are some real case fan wizards around here as you may have noticed in the other threads.

if you want some feed back on a cpu cooler cooler plenty of help around here .and your likely to be back at 4.4 GHz in no-time.with much cooler temps.


Mike Coyne

Rrplay, My i7 990X is back to normal speed at 3.47 GHz. Range in about 25 C to 40 C . It did came with Intel Xtreme heatsink with copper base and 4 copper pipe and fan up to 2636 RPM. The heatsink is massive huge that i seen. It is cool heatsink that Intel build for I7 Extreme Edition and they said it can handle little OC like at 4.0 GHz to 4.40 GHz. When I7 990X OC at 4.40 GHz with stock FSB (133 MHz) x33  and got about 35 C to just under 70 C.  I did spend bit over $1800 on my custom PC.. I'm done with all test that you give me to check If 4.40 GHz is stable. I know it still hold on. Thanks for offer me about water cooler system. Dont worry about me and my PC. I will handle it on my own. It have run about 1 month and still strong in normal or OC speed. And Thanks for great talk about OC stuff and provide me few of programs to run during OC. Let's move on with other stuff.

Mike Coyne

Here is Intel HeatSink came with my I7 990X. (look like this kind) has 8 copper pipe. and set in "P" Mode (performance) and fan spin up to 2636 RPM.  in post I was wrong about 4 pipe. (it has 8 pipe)


Ok thanks for getting back and yep the Intel Extreme cooler that you have should be good enough and no real need for an aftermarket cooler ..One would think by it's design it would do a bit better job at 4.4 GHz @ 75C or 85C Would have expected to be in the 60sC especially with OCCT

.Some times folk notice an improvement with temps under load after inspecting the TIM application and applying it again.Or using a different brand and getting maybe a 5C-7C better cooling performance under load..Def well worth it.the time and effort.to reapply TIM and check again,,,

Another Example would be : Some have notifiable improvements with temps under load after 30 minutes of OCCT to pre-heat and tightening the mounting screws a bit .This also would depend on the viscosity of the TIM used like IC Diamond .

No problem to move on after all you can load different Bios profiles and how much of the time are you at 100% cpu percent load?

Still maybe a good idea to re-evaluate the TIM application and Extreme Cooler Instal at 4.2GHz > OCCT Linpack > Would be looking for mid 60sC If you want to move on fine OK with me.Thanks for the  nice little discussion and no real need for text when screenshots of the apps provide all the OC and thermal  info at a glance and a Disclaimer [thanks 4hams ] is elsewhere in this forum..


Mike Coyne

Thanks for wrote me back . You was right person  that  able gave me a ansewer to my question about pre built and OC stuff. I'll keep eye on temp when OC. I trust my new PC can handle from 3.47 GHz to 4.40 GHz. I'm glad that I able to use OCCT. programs. It was good thing to make it is stable at 4.40 GHz.with this programs, OCCT.  Last thing to say, Thanks for help me out and explain all about stuff.  Rrplay, you can write a note  to me on HH anytime.  And have a great week!


Mike Coyne wrote:

Dont worry about me and my PC

Mike Coyne wrote:

I will handle it on my own

Mike Coyne wrote:

Let's move on with other stuff.

I've moved on,.......