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According to the latest numbers released by comScore, both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS mobile operating systems gained marketshare in Q2 at the expense of rivals RIM, Microsoft, and Symbian.

In the report, comScore claims 78.5 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones during the three months ending in June 2011, up 8% from the preceding three month period.

Android ranked as the top smartphone platform with 40.1% of the market, up 5.4%. Apple improved its marketshare but remained in the No. 2 spot with 26.6% of the smartphone market, up 1.1 % from the prior reporting period. RIM ranked third and remained close behind Apple with 23.4%, but it lost 3.7% of its share according to the report. Microsoft at 5.8% (down 1.7%)and Symbian at 2.0% (down .3%) brought up the rear.

In addition to the more talked about enhancements made to iOS and Android over the last quarter, the steady influx of apps for both platforms surely helped win some consumers over. Couple that with recent a recent price drop on the iPhone 3gs at AT&T and a seemingly never-ending invasion of quality Android-based smartphones from a variety of manufacturers like Samsung and HTC, and it’s no wonder Google and Apple are outpacing their rivals.

Over the next few months, Microsoft is poised to release its next major update to Windows Phone, codenamed Mango, and along with it will come a number of new devices. RIM will release a handful of new handsets as well based on its updated Blackberry OS 7. And Apple will unveil its latest iPhone.

Although the last three months showed much activity in the mobile space, the next quarter is likely to stir things up even more.


Wow android is pretty big on here... lol didn't expect that much 😃. Props! :P


Things look bleak for Microsoft, I think this mobile space is locked up by the big 2.

Marco C

I'm not so sure. I like RIM has to worry more than MS. When Microsoft is focused, it knows how to enter a market strong. Just ask Sony and Nintendo. With some sexy hardware, Mango, and some key mobile apps, the Windows Mobile platform is going to be pretty nice. MS will just have to get the word out and perhaps work with partners to price the devices aggressively. Plus, who knows what kind of synergy there's going to be with Windows Phone and WIndows 8.


I agree Marco I think Windows Phone has a really good chance of capturing at least a 1/4 of the market. Before blackberry, iOS, and Android. Windows Mobile devices were the only "smartphone" that was available. I believe that have it in them to come back strong especially with all the cloud integration going on.

I have no doubts that it will integrate nicely with Windows 8 considering how nicely they have been making their software work together. For example Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 are closely integrated versus the older versions.


Android has massive market space now as does Apple. The one thing they do not have is wide spread coverage in other technology areas. Yes Google has Chrome OS, Apple has iOS, even Mozilla, and Opera are working on things. To many it looks to be late in the game. I know as far as it goes and I hate to say it, but there all in the end playing at M$'s house, with there dice on there game board though.

Microsoft will sooner or later hit this hard (I bet CES will have a big preview and by March the whole thing will at best be openly targeted if not released) , they are just trying to get all there ducks in a row before they do. I remember at the Azure conference I went to this was really the under current. They will implement a complete package that integrates you smart phone, your slate/tablet, your desktop and laptop, family/group servers etc your gaming, there office all into one cloud package manageable as a group, as a family, and as a business/large organization. Office 365 is just a part of it all, but it is a big part, they are also stepping away from X86/X64 as well, over all there will be a lot riding on this in the long run when it happens completely (it is just pieces now).

In the end I say Google will be there as in many cases they have a wider package than even Microsoft does. Just like I have said for a while now Apple will retain the same place they have been for over a decade or two. Apple is copying and cat fighting now as they have been doing for over a year. Yes they have gotten some other market areas, also grabbing some recognition and popularity. In the end though I think the Apple will be baked into a pie and served as an appetizer. I also see Google and M$ working together to some amount in the future although I am not sure how, I am pretty sure they will have to.