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Are there any fan aficionados in the crowd? Anyone? That's okay, because even if you don't fancy yourself a fanatical fan of, uh, fans, MSI makes some mighty interesting claims about its exclusive Propeller Blade technology that all cooling aficionados should read, which we suspect represents a much larger number.

In a document explaining its Propeller Blade technology, MSI claims the unique design lends itself to 20 percent more airflow and wider vent angles compared to standard fan designs. The end result is a reduction in temperatures of up to 21 degrees, thereby extending the life of the hardware, providing greater overclocking headroom, and of course bragging rights ("My GPU is cooler than yours!"). How does it work?

It starts with a curved angle. Arched edges supposedly enlarge the angle of airflow direction, while rounded edges lower wind noise. Grooves in the specially designed propellers also increase the airflow range, while small arcs are supposed to generate more airflow, MSI says. Finally, there's a gloss coating, which has nothing to do with aesthetics and everything to do with fighting back against wind resistance.

In practice, MSI claims a comparison of its R6870 Hawk with Twin Frozr III cooling solution ran 21 degrees cooler than a standard HD 6870 graphics card, while at the same time was a full 7dB quieter.

MSI's Propeller Blade technology is found on all new Twin Frozr III and Cyclone II equipped graphics cards.

Neat, can i pick up just the fans 😛 lol


"Are there any fan aficionados in the crowd?"

Why yes, I speak fan, and these are [censored]in' fans. [:)]

as Inspector says, where can I get just the cooler and fans?


Sure looks innovative and very real life workable to me.Maybe like we've seen before some tech development that are practical and can make a difference will be a available from others in the aftermarket realm.Would be looking forward for some of the reviews on the new Twin Frozr III card anyways.

Meanwhile some you may want to check out MSI FB page esp today and wish them a Happy 25th Birthday.


I agree very nice technology, hopefully they will offer this tech to other manufacturers as well.