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Corsair just sent us word that its recently announced Special Edition Arctic White Vengeance Low Profile memory is now shipping and ready for purchase. This low profile kit operates at 1.35V and is aimed at ultra-quiet systems and other low-voltage applications that don't require obnoxiously loud cooling solutions.

Each dual-channel 8GB DDR3-1600 kit contains "two rigorously-screened 4GB DDR3 DRAM modules," Corsair says, and the memory maker guarantees they'll run at 1600MHz with a tested latency of 9-9-9-24 or they'll give you a million dollars (wait, that can't be right, mostly because we made it up. It's much more likely they're swap your kit out for one that runs as advertised).

"Vengeance DDR3 memory is the premier choice for system builders who want dependable, overclockable DRAM at a price that allows their budget to go further," said Giovanni Sena, Director of Memory Products at Corsair. "Our latest offering, the Special Edition Arctic White Vengeance LP, gives builders, system integrators, and gaming enthusiasts the ability to assemble low-voltage systems with an appealing, stylish new look."

You also won't have to worry yourself with most third-party CPU coolers bumping into this low profile RAM. The heatspreader has a reduced height of just 1.03 inches (or 26.25mm for you metric-loving nerds), and is specifically "designed for high-performance systems with extra large CPU coolers, small form factor system builds, or any other space-constrained application," Corsair says.
2011-08-03T13:02:39Z  , not bad , good timings and voltage. Its a premium to pay but if you got a window case, white fans, white PSU and black or a blue styled motherboard, I thinks it worth it. Personalizing your case these days is all the rage."



Also this puts less stress on the system overall.

White looks different for sure, I like the black or the blue myself.

I wonder if the high fins actually make a difference or if it was more of an aggressive look Corsair was going for?


Actually I like the new color option but really like lower profile in high performance ram sticks a heck of a lot more.If there is some good positive air flow in the chassis and there should be in a high performance system.anyways real need then for the higher sinks.& Lower volts too !  so should be definitely a bit cooler anyways.

nice job Corsair with the updated choice in the Vengeance lineup.[Y]