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I wish i can post the picture on this forum but did not know how. I'm sorry about that. Anyway. I was so happy to report that all did went well without any problem. All stuff is fit in Coolermaster HAF 912. No problem with my new HIS IceQ X Turbo Radeon 6850 video card fit in perfect, it has about 1 to 2 inches spare of room. Just right for Radeon 6850. I did chose this HIS because it have best cooler and more quieter and very solid. And has very good PSU is Themeltake XT 675 watts with 80 PLUS Bronze and start up without have any issues. Huge Seagate HDD is 500 GB Sata 3.0 Gbs and16 MB of caches with Windows 7 Pro SP!.


Congrats on getting everything up and running.  The Coolermaster HAF is a great choice, the pictures I have seen show how roomy the case really is.  Posting pictures is still a hit or miss for me as well.  Did you have them posted elsewhere?


Pics are a two step process. First you go to your profile by clicking on your picture at any of your posts. Then you scroll down to "My Files" and within that box, click on "View All Files". This opens "Your" files box and right at the top is a "Browse" button that you select so you can navigate to your picture's location on your PC.

At this point, let me say that I can't post anything that is 1MB or Larger, so you have to edit the shot to a size below 1MB in size before you proceed.

Once you locate your picture and navigate to it with the "Browse" button, you click on the "Add File Button" right next to the "Browse" button and the picture will load up into your HotHardware allocated files section.

Once the picture is in there, you can add it to any of your posts by this method.

click the reply button on a thread, or start a new one. The window that you already know and love will pop-up and you add the text to it as you prefer. Then, within that box you will see an icon that looks a little like a film strip with a tiny plus sign on the bottom right hand side. (it's kinda green in color) When you hold your mouse curser over it without clicking it, a box pops up that reads "Insert Media".

So you click on this icon and your files box opens up.

If you click on "your files" icon it tells you that there are no files there, so you HAVE to click on the little triangle to the left of that and it opens a box underneath of it that you can click to actually see your picture that you uploaded already.

So you select you picture from the right side first. Then you have to make sure that before you post it, you set the "Max Width" box to 600. (this makes the picture display at the perfect size in our forums)

Last, you select "Insert Media" and complete your post.

After you do it a few times it's easier.

Once the post is complete and in the forum, anyone seeing the pic can click on it and it displays to a larger screen with size, and clicking it again brings it to full size.

Setting the "Max Width" box to 600 is extremely important to do. It keeps your picture from looking grossly huge in the thread.

I hope that this helps you newer guys out.

Mike Coyne

Now here is the photo of my new custom PC. Hope you like this PC. Here is PC specs: Intel I7 990X, 6 GB of RAM, 500 GB Seagate HD, HIS Radeon 6850 1 GB DDR ICE Q Turbo video card, Themeltake XT 675 WATTS w/ 80 PLUS Bronze, and Sony 24X DVD-RW . All is brand new and have no problems.

Mike Coyne

Thanks Realneil for your help with explain about put photo in forum. Take a look at my photo of my new PC.


Mike Coyne wrote:

Thanks Realneil for your help with explain about put photo in forum. Take a look at my photo of my new PC.

Nice PC Mike.

We're glad to help out here at HH anytime. If you have any questions later on, please ask, and we'll put our collective minds to the task.



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Wow... Sweet looking PC you got there. I'd be envious of it if I were up close and personal with it.

Anyways, glad we could be of assistance.


Very nice computer and those specs are really Hot!  How about some benchmarks on that bad boy :)

Mike Coyne

Hey, Where i can find a free software, benchmarks online?  I did overclocked my i7 990x at 4.40 GHz. I would like test on both, one at normal speed and oc.

Mike Coyne

Forget to add, Inside of CM HaF 912 has best motherboard, ASUS P6X58XD-E.


Mike Coyne wrote:

Where i can find a free software, benchmarks online?

Try this,....

And this,.....

And last, but not least, try this,.....

Mike Coyne

Thanks Neil. I will let you know what my new PC scores on benchmarks on both (normal and OC) soon. I pick number 1 on list that you gave me the web site. for benchmarks.


That is an pretty impressive overclock.  I have never tried overclocking myself but I am tempted with the new PC having a nifty cooler.  I tried two of those benchmarks but have not got a chance to try the SuperPi so thanks for the links RealNeil :)

Mike Coyne

I got 2 different scores, 1. With It7 990X at 3.47 GHz.: FPS :45.4, Scores:1144, Min FPS:23.2, and Max FPS: 104.3.

2. With i7 990X OC at 4.40 GHz, FPS; 45.3, Scores:1142, Min FPS:24.2, and Max FPS: 104.1.

I was very impressed by that. (ht technology was disabled during run on benchmark) It did pretty well on both test.


Mike Coyne

I will try one more test on another benchmark and will let you know what scores is.

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