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If you want a graphic view of how poorly Android tablets are selling, look no further than Google's own graph of Android version distribution. The company occasionally updates a dashboard that breaks down the "market share" of all known versions of Android, and the latest one shows that most folks are running 2.2, as we would have expected, but also that Android 3.x, meaning Honeycomb tablets, have almost no uptake.

Android 2.2 or Froyo is present on 59.4 percent of handsets. Meanwhile, 2.3 is on 18.6 percent of handsets, and 2.1 is still on 17.6 percent of handsets. The sad news is that Android 3.x, meaning Honeycomb based tablets like the LG G-Slate and Motorola Xoom is only on 0.9 percent of devices, total, while Android 1.5 is on 1.4 percent of devices and 1.6 is on 2.2 percent of devices.

That means that there are more people running the two-year old and ancient Android 1.5 or "Cupcake" than are running Android tablets.  Can you hear the thud around the flops that are, at least so far, Android tablets?

Also, the fact that many of those who are running 2.2 still haven't received a 2.3 update is another sign of the "fragmentation" problem that Google hopes to solve. Earlier this year, Google s[censored]zed a promise out of its OEMs, such that they would guarantee that their devices would work with the latest version of Android software for at least 18 months after a hardware launch.

Maybe it has a bit to do with the fact that it wasn't open sourced and the fact that is running only on a select number of Android tablets.


"Google s[censored]zed a promise out of its OEMs"

As far as I remember it was more of recommendation than a promise.

Now about the tablets it's a bit normal considering for example the start price on the Xoom and how a great deal of Android users won't mindlessly buy a product just due to a logo. A tablet is fun device but in no way does it replace anything. It's a luxury that many people will put far down on their lists.

My wish is to see a mix between the ASUS Transformer, Motorola Atrix and the ASUS Padphone. The internals of a tablet and smartphone don't differ much so why buy them more than once if you're only going to use them one at a time? In other words. A tablet with only battery and an encapsulation for the phone. Then a keyboard dock to this. A pack like this would be quite cheap as oppose to what we have now. Sure this wouldn't be for everyone but for the others there's already normal tables to buy.


to the author of the article : you do realize that android sells 500000 phones sold every day right? it's expected that tablets make a small percentage of all android phones being currently used. I only realized that those statistics are expected because I saw the graph on the wikipedia page yesterday. So although not fantastically high, it's nothing too special either. even at the 1 percent of honeycomb tablets, and just carry it over to the 500000 android devices sold, you sstill get 500 tablets sold every day. but it's actually much higher because that chart has the data of the past 5 years, on an increasing slope of sales. so I woudln't say it's about tablets not selling, I would say it's about them not selling many compared to phones


More like 5,000 tablets a day or about 150,000 per month. Compared to the iPad that was selling more than 1 million per month, last year, that's not that good.


yeah, but you have to realize that the actual number of daily sales is easily 4-5 times the total devices in existence, and therefore the sales are more like 600000 per month, but I can't calculate the actual number of sales with a chart that indicates total existing without something to tie them between like total number of android sales. anyways I'm not really arguing with the sales, just that the chart is not actually related to the current sales, perhaps the author could have found better proof before stating that android tablets are a flop. A quick google of android tablet sales will show that they are making a massive number of sales, enough to actually rival the Ipad

Thanks implosion, good catch it is 5000 not 500


okay to be fair rival is an overstatement, the sales are still like 8:3, but there are only 4 tablets that actually use honeycomb, and about 30 that use version 2.2 or lower so you can't even compare the 3.x column with android tablet sales.