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Congrats, Chrome! You've just reached an insane milestone. 20% of the browser marketshare is nothing to sneeze at, and that's exactly what Google has nailed down. According to new reports on web usage, one in five browsing sessions now happens with Chrome, with Microsoft's long-dominant Internet Explorer finally slipping before 50%. The information is provided by StatCounter, which is known for doing these sorts of reports every so often.

This marks a 7x increase in Chrome usage, a huge boost for Google and definitely a scare for Mozilla and Microsoft. Chrome was only launched in December of 2008, and a year ago, it had only 2.8% of the browsing market. Talk about a serious increase. Microsoft's obviously the one that stands to lose the most here, but when you have the lion's share of support, there's really only one place to go from there.

In our experience, Chrome has proven to be a real contender, and it's a browser that consistently performs quickly. Have you made the switch to Chrome, or are you still holding on for one reason or another?

I sure haven't. I find Chrome to be rather bla, sticking with Firefox 5. Not that I don't have it installed, but I just don't like it as much.


I spend a good 10 hours or more a day using web browsers, at any given time I might have 40-50 tabs open between my 3 monitors. After moving to Chrome from Firefox I have only tried to go back to Firefox when new versions came out. I have yet to see Firefox perform to the level that Chrome does. The only extension that I use that doesn't perform as well on Chrome as it does FF would be firebug.

There is one problem with Chrome, when I am working in the evening I will have Netflix playing on one of my monitors. When I first try to stream a show Silverlight tends to crash and I have to refresh the page.

My main issue with Firefox is that it crashes/locks up far to often and it still has a horrible memory leak issue. At this point I never see myself leaving Chrome.


I still have FF as main browser as it's way more versatile than Chrome and things like the awesome bar are close to nonexistant in Chrome. It's so hard to find a homepage that you've previously visited but aren't sure of the full address. Google really has work to do on that front. Chrome is used for a quick browse when eg. forgot to check a number before leaving.

I'm sorry but it's a fact that Firefox is actually better at memory than Chrome when opining lots of browsers. The leaks that you might talk about is when you accumulate tons and tons of "back"/previous pages over the course of a full day of navigating. Even then the memory isn't even close to being high enough to cause problems to today's machines. Also, in either case, if you're not closing down your browser for a full day you're doing something wrong. Go out and get some air!


I'm not sure if this is going to come out right, so apologies in advance as I'm seriously curious.

40-50 tabs sounds like a lot of pages to have open at the same time. How do you keep track of which page is which? The tabs must be hard to read, and take up a lot of space too.


I'm not surprised, Chrome is my browser of choice. My second option is FIrefox and I hardly ever use IE (just when I absolutely have to!)


The 50 percent of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer must have included the part of IE based browsers like Avant brower, maxthon and so on. Apparently, chrome's market share will still keep the trend of rise.Firefox is the history. chrome is the new star.


It's not to bad I use my center monitor for what I am actively working on or for reading news/blogs when I am taking a break. My other monitors I use for resource material and what not. I also use a Logitech G110 that I have a bunch of macro's on so I use them to to do things with instead of having to hold down ctrl and or alt + a key.

Back when I was a kitchen designer I would have killed to have 4-6 monitors so I could work faster. While the windows part of Windows is a great thing I find it quicker to be able to see everything I am doing quickly. I don't understand how someone can sit at their desk working off of a 13" laptop, I need to have lots of screen space.

Now that I am thinking about it the one thing that I have never looked into is a good way to manage having a ton of folders open in explorer. I keep my data drive very organized and depending on what I am working on I might keep 4 or 5 explorer windows open so I don't have to constantly keep opening up other files.


So far I have only ran it sandboxed but from what I can tell it's safe, if posting this was against the rules sorry in advance.


Chrome is the best browser hands down to me, yea I sound like a fan boy and that's ok. I will use no other browser, heck I go to family and friends houses and if they are not running chrome I find myself downloading to use it as IE feels foreign now.

Of course I do remove it before I log off.


I find chrome is too plain, i use firefox and barely touch chrome unless firefox pisses me off... lol


Haven't used chrome yet, and haven't used explorer unless I have to. Used to use Netscape back in the day, but now it's Fire Fox.


Yeah I can see how having multiple monitors would help. Someday I'll get there. lol


Opera for life!