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While Google was busy introducing their Google+ Project for social networking mavens, Microsoft has been busy putting the final touches on a cloud-based software suite that has been in the works for what feels like an eternity. Office 365 was formally unveiled by Steve Ballmer this week, with a global launch bringing collaboration tools and other productivity programs to a wide array of businesses. Microsoft's not beating around the bush: this is a cloud service, and it's being made available in 40 markets.

The service brings together Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft Lync Online in an always-up-to-date cloud service, at a predictable monthly subscription. You may recall the beta opening up last year, with over 200,000 companies signing up to test drive things. Today, more than 20 service providers around the globe also shared plans to bring Office 365 to their customers this year. Bell Canada, Intuit Inc., NTT Communications Corp., Telefonica S.A., Telstra Corp. and Vodafone Group Plc, among others, will package and sell Office 365 with their own services for small and midsize businesses. With Office 365, people can stay on the "same page" using instant messaging and virtual meetings with people who are just down the hall or across the world. They can work on files and documents at the same time and share ideas as easily as they can share calendars. Office 365 gives people new ways to work together with ease, on virtually any device.

Of course, Microsoft Office applications are at the heart of Office 365. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook and other Office applications connect to Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Lync to deliver a world-class solution for communication and collaboration. It's hard to say if Microsoft has a hit here; Google Docs have been online for a long time now, and their Wave collaboration tool never did gain much traction. Still, those interested in giving it a whirl can do so today, and judging by the way companies are latching onto the Internet, we'd say 'cloud' is definitely in your future -- like it or not.

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Meh... OpenOffice is the way to go.


Sounds like a go-to-meeting for office apps.


Can't wait to try this product. The nice thing about Office 365 is you never have to upgrade 🙂 I believe that we will see many businesses moving to Office in the cloud.


I agree, I'd like to give it a whirl. It sounds really great for global companies and 6 dollars a month is way less than I was expecting. I'm sure they give corporate discounts for a multiple-user license as well, everything is moving to the cloud......I just wonder how the web apps compare to the real desktop programs.


If it's lightweight and fast enough, I'd love to replace my LibreOffice install with this. Even Open and LibreOffice are too slow for me, and I never use their proprietary formats. It would be nice to be able to open/write .docx files in Word, finally, as I never upgraded to the newer versions of Office.

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Manduh wrote:

Meh... OpenOffice is the way to go.


I use OpenOffice on my home computer. The Writer gets the most usage from me.


Dood, open office is crap. You want to use what all the major business, institutions and educational facilities use, you need office. Furthermore, Office is free if your not using the web for the first time ever.

Tip: google is your best friend.


“On June 28, 2011, Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer, Microsoft announced the worldwide availability of Office 365, Microsoft’s next generation productivity service. Office 365 is the culmination of more than 20 years of experience delivering world class productivity solutions to people and businesses of all sizes. It brings together Office, SharePoint, Exchange, and Lync in an always-up-to-date cloud service.”

Microsoft office 365, comprises Microsoft Exchange 2010, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Lync 2010, and Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus, which is to say, Microsoft Office 365 brings together cloud versions of our most trusted communications and collaboration products. With Microsoft Office 365,you can save money and make your stuff far more productive. With Microsoft Office 365,you can work from virtually anywhere at anytime on any device.

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I haven't tried it yet, and I'm not holding my breath to do so. Every release since Office 97 has been increasingly [censored]bersome, bloated, and counter-intuitive. Open Office now holds the place of honor on my home machine. It's faster to load, quicker to find what I need, and better, it's free. I've never had any trouble exchanging documents with MS Office users, either.