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Cloud this, cloud that. These days, it's either about tablets or clouds, or both! LaCie has a new external hard drive on offer, but the 100GB box isn't your average drive. It's actually fairly small in size, but what it lacks locally it makes up for on the cloud. Basically, it keeps one copy of your computer back-up on the drive. And then it also sends that copy to LaCie's storage servers elsewhere, ensuring that you'll have a copy even if something awful were to happen to the unit itself.

This isn't a new concept. People have been able to buy their own external drive for years and just pipe it to whatever external cloud hosting service you like, but LaCie's bundling those two services into one easy-to-consume package. It'll work with PC and Mac systems, and so long as the backup has made its way onto the CloudBox, it'll upload to the cloud even if your machine is flipped off.

The CloudBox provides multiple levels of data security including two copies of your files and AES data encryption. Unlike other cloud storage offerings, your files are encrypted before they are sent to the cloud – meaning no one, not even LaCie, has access to your most important files. The CloudBox ensures complete data security and safety from data loss. It'll ship in July for $200, which includes one year of 100GB cloud-backup service; after that, you'll be able to renew for an undisclosed amount.

Eh, my external already is the backup. It's also 2TB. I like the idea of this, especially that it's encrypted prior to being sent to Lacie, but I'd have no use for something like this.


I have way more than 100GB to back up so unfortunately this solution would not work for me though I do like the idea. I am sure Lacie is also going to charge a monthly fee for the cloud portion of this system.


Yeah just what I want,....a Hard Drive with Hackability built in!