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Logitech Z906 Speaker System ReviewIt doesn't matter how hard your earphones pound your eardrums with cranium shaking noise, you can't truly call yourself a power user unless you're ticking off the neighbors and scaring the hell out of the dog with a surround sound setup that rattles the walls and punches copious amounts of bass. Without it, you might as well give your man-card away to someone who plans on fulfilling the requirements for membership in an illustrious club that demands everything be over the top.

Logitech's famed Z-5500 system fit the bill, and there are many who consider it to be the king of multimedia speakers. But a king's reign can only last so long before either being usurped, or passing the torch to a successor. In this case, it's the latter, with Logitech's new Z906 speaker system stepping up to the throne as the company's new flagship speaker-set...

Logitech Z906 Speaker System Review


Either my neighbors or a cop will be visiting me soon if i had these! 😃 lol. Nice review. Should include the price in there.


@Inspector $319.99 @ Tigerdirect [:P] In the neighborhood I live in no one would even notice the sound of this system...

Thanks for the review Marco.

Too bad I only have room for a 2.1 setup on my desk... my living room on the other hand has a low end sound system already set up I just need to find myself a decent powered subwoofer as the passive one I have does not cut it.


I have the z5500's and I have had the neighbors and cops visit! Right now I have them set up as a home theater system with my tv, can't complain. The current price is 335 on newegg. Looks like an amazing system, thanks for the write-up Paul. Too bad it's missing the tweets and trueHD. I don't think I'll be upgrading anytime soon my z5500's are still doing great.


I have been in the market for a new set of speakers ever since I caught the ferrets trying to make a den out of my subwoofer it has not sounded the same :(

Thanks for the review.


@ inspector the article stated  "at a street price around $320".


I got a pair of the Z-5500 for a friend and they filled the room pretty good. The key is to pair these up with a good sound card but that goes for any speaker setup.


i just don't like how everything is in the back of the subwoofer,, I don't keep a sub near my TV or my rack (in my basement the sub is like 10 feet away from the rack and in my livingroom, the rack is in the basement,, i'd be running super long wires just to make it work.

other than that, you're almost better off going with say the Samsung bluray all in one home theaters (i have ht-c5500,, maybe not as many inputs,, but really if you run the optical from your TV to the unit, you'll get everything that goes to your TV.

Maybe you'll have a bit less power too (RMS side of things), but honestly unless you blast it all the time, you won't really notice. and their front & center speakers are 2 way design. for 350, you get more functionality i think


I don't think that those with the previous Z-5500 are going to be upgrading to these.Thanks for the open and honest review. Too bad that they miss in a few areas for a modest yet worthy addition to a theater setup since music critical listening may be expected as well.I would def notice the absence of the tweeter and miss the 'air and highs. Much more detail and clarity of the sound-stage image would also be missed,and would not compromise that for hard hitting bass and room filling sound.Maybe there will be an updated version of these to recommend, and would expect to see a higher price to deliver that type of performance.


MonkeySweat wrote:

I don't keep a sub near my TV or my rack (in my basement the sub is like 10 feet away from the rack and in my livingroom, the rack is in the basement,,

"I see your point, a lot of people have it in a corner far away. I in the other hand , have the sub in the corner of my desk, and since its tagged a Computer Speaker, they figured buyers will have it their peripherals connected  from a very short distance. A also I see less cable clutter on the desk and on the control console. Too bad it doesnt offer Dolby TrueHD and/or DTS-HD Master, I would pay an extra premium for it. Still, this will be my nest set of speakers unles I find the Z5500 for $199 new, that was available around the holidays last year. '



Sweet setup, I guess it should be at that price!

I just got my Logitech G930's and I am loving it, (except for the Clearwire WiMax conflict)

It would be nice if for this price they would interconnect this system with their other products like the G930's and other Logitech wireless components to all work together?


hum, didn't see that before... 😃 Read through it once and skimmed it a second time and missed it... O.o


we are getting a new LCD/LED TV for our bedroom and need a compact soumd system. With set up we have this should work find for tv and mp3's

Lamar Kropf

I don't like the control pod of these new Z906s as good. My brother has the Z5500s, and I like the digital display on that control pod much better. However, I guess you can't compare really until you try them both.

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animatortom wrote:

It would be nice if for this price they would interconnect this system with their other products like the G930's and other Logitech wireless components to all work together?

Well the Z-5500 (and also the Z906) allowed you to hook up other devices to the Sound System so I assume you could do the same with their own products even though they don't work natively.

Still, having the Logitech products work together would be totally cool.


Being able to plug anything in with an RCA jack is not what I meant.

I was talking about having wireless components like the g930 or other Bluetooth products able to sync together. At least they should have thought about it at the price of these speakers. 

I have way to often seen these logitech setups going for 3bills then a year later they are in a Frys ad for 75 bucks:P