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Ah, the cloud. The wonderful, wonderful cloud. It's so big, so mysterious. And these days, it's a bandwagon that's worth jumping on. Google Music, iCloud, and now, SkyDrive. Granted, SkyDrive as a name has been around longer than those other two, but Microsoft is clearly upping their game in order to keep up with the Joneses. The company's SkyDrive cloud service will allow users to collaborate on Office docs, and share photos, while also allowing folks to access content from anywhere.

But the new SkyDrive is bigger, better, and faster, just as you'd expect. Browser modernization has really opened up the window for us to rethink and re-architect how we build our websites. Whether it’s Hotmail or SkyDrive, taking advantage of the advancements in the browser space is critical to ensuring a fast and fluid experience. Microsoft has improved a bunch of the core tasks and scenarios, and they're focusing on building site powered by HTML5.

Microsoft made a concerted effort to strip the service of anything that would slow it down, and with Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7, you can pin SkyDrive to your taskbar for faster access to your files. You can create Word, Excel, or PowerPoint docs stored in the cloud in just one click. Give that Via link a look for the whole list of changes -- it's a deep one, and that's just how we like our changelogs.

Yeah; I knew this was coming. The last Microsoft Conference I attended was all about this (Skydrive) HTML 5, Office 360, and of course Microsoft's (at that time upcoming) cloud services for the corporate market. Azure is what links it all together on the corporate platform, of course it works in everything I mentioned before as well as the fact that it will work in Windows 8 for consumers as well as whatever they call the server build in the end for corporate use. The on thing that really impresses me is the cross platform availability in there focus now which is nice to see.

Just like I told our Focus group leaders they need to have a valid slate/tablet, and phone focus as well. He of course denied it was necessary, and this was about 2 months ago. They really seem to have changed there stance in a very short time on it. Any company in the IT market on any platform that does not do so in the coming future near as well as far is looking to wipe completely I think.


I use SkyDrive and Microsoft Mesh to sync my college work between the multiple machine I work on and I personally love it especially since it is free and there is no way I am going to exceed the storage limit with a bunch of word, ppt, excel, and PDF files.


Looks like some really great improvements and cross platform capability too. With a 25GB limit on Free accounts

no reason not to be sharing some photos as well.