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A lot of things are said to taste like chicken. Snake, for example, is often said to taste like chicken, although we can tell you from experience that its reptile cousin African crocodile does not taste like chicken, and is extremely tough and chewy. What, therefore, would human excrement taste like?

A Japanese scientist claims to be able to turn poop into a meat substitute. More precisely, he said he says he can turn sewage mud into a meat substitute.

Tokyo Sewage reportedly approached Ikeda to find a solution for a big problem: too much sewage mud. They wanted to know if anything useful could be manufactured from it. In and of itself, as a small island nation, Japan has a huge need to recycled. It's that mentality, drummed into its citizens since birth, that led to refugees from April's earthquake to recycle even while in shelters.

Now, it's led to the country attempting to find a way to re-use sewage mud.

Since Ikeda determined that the sewage mud was protein-rich, he decided to try to turn it into artificial meat. After processing, the meat is 63 percent proteins, 25 percent carbohydrates, 9 percent minerals, and 3 percent lipids.

Ikeda then added soy protein to give the meat flavor and added artificial coloring. According to Ikeda, people who sampled the meat said it tasted like beef.

To be honest, although the thought of it is probably disgusting to many, this sort of reprocessing of waste is the sort of thing that would have to happen on a moonbase, which has been tossed around as an idea by several countries. Japan would appear to have a leg up on other nations with this sort of development, as stomach turning as it might seem.

You are what you eat...


Well, I believe these guys got their inspiration from Bear Grylls .


...NASTY, should just keep it quite and not let anyone know. The thought of it makes me throw up. But its an advancement none the less...

I LMFAO when they showed the fridge, [censored]burger... :P


This is the same reason why animals will eat each others poop. Wow definitely gross... I could see fast food using this product to save money at some point...

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WTF???! That's just effing WRONG! GROSS, I think I just vomited in my mouth, oh sour coffee!


These guys are a little late, 2 girls and a 1 cup already did this!!! I agree with @omegadraco, dogs eat deer turds all of the time! Now human poop is a whole different story.....some of the gross stuff people ingest(drugs, meds, fast food) comes right back out. I could see animal poo burgers with buffalo chips(ha) but not human poo burgers. Can't they just fertilize crops with this instead?


I am a huge fan of Japanese culture. Movies, Animes, and Manga are sometimes just so out there it blows my mind. They don't just push the envelope with crazy ideas they destroy the envelope with acid-spitting meatball ninjas. That being said....WTH Japan?


A cr^#@y spin on Soylent Green ! all natural & organic

some health conscientious folks could save on pro-bio-tics,colon cleansers and such

come to think of it @Drake milorganite been around a while and is a common fertilizer ,which can also be a bit smelly.

for now you can "Hold the pickles, Hold the lettuce,...


"Where's the beef?"


I dont see a problem with this. This is just an extraction of nutrients from waste and the bacteria is killed when the meat is cooked so it isnt going to be harmfull. Plus this isnt an expensive the process. In California they are now using their new water purification systems to turn waste water into clean water and sending it back into cities water pipes. As long as this process doesnt pose health risk i think it should be used because with 6 billion people on this planet new waste disposal techniques are needed.


i'd like a double s*** burger with extra cheese please.

new term for taking a #2 - "dropping a steamy salami"


"I''m sure their are some hippies and environmentalist who would love to try it out. Plus, if Sewage mud contains a great deal of Proteins, then Protein Shi-t, I mean shakes are the way to go for Bodybuilders. If they are willing to try Steroids, why not this"



Although many protein shakes contain artifical ingredients for flavoring, steroids are not put in protein shakes. Whey protein which is put in protein shakes, is just a by product of cheese curdling and is the same as any other protein but in a more concentrated form to give body builders or any one who wants to gain muscle, the protein they need. Mostly for those who dont want to eat nothing but meat or dont want to eat meat, like vegetarians.

If you are a person who uses protein shakes make sure its 100% whey protein because it is much more effective and poses less health risk .


Okay is this even real? I watched the video that went with it and they used the term "turd burger" and then on the refrigerator it had the word "$h!t burger". No real scientist would have the word $h!t on a label.