Hi! Here are the list of hardware i am thinking of getting for my first gaming rig under 1000$. Any advice/tips/suggestions are welcome 🙂!

Motherboard: Asus P8P67 (155$)

Processor: Intel i5-2500k (215$)

GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 460 (175$)

RAM: Corsair Dominator 2 x 2GB 1600 mhz (80$)

PSU: Corsair TX650W V2 (100$)

Case: Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced (90$)

With an HDD, total price is ~850$

Some further questions:

Is it useless to have a 6 GB/s HDD right now?

Is this RAM compatible with the new sandy bridge?





Off to a pretty good start ! and plenty of suggestions to follow

Where are you getting your parts from ? Newegg ? is so post the new egg links dif models of the Asus mobo now about a  ASRock mainboard ?

anyow you may want to consider 8GB ram you may be glad you did

 the selection of HD is going to be critical and most noticeable

also will need a better aftermarket cooler ..about 30 .00 and up WAY much better than stock Intel cooler

also going to need an optical drive 30.00 and up

maybe bump the wattage a bit on PSU if you plan to OC 3rd party a must to OC that cpu anyhow

windows 7 disc about 120.00  and you are almost there slightly over that depends of  your budget of 1000.00

welcome to HH and keep this updated as you go ...

yep your likely to enjoy selecting and building your new rig a lot [:)] 




Thnx for the reply.

For the HDD, would a 32mb cache, 7200 RPM, 3gb/s be good to go? (Btw, is 6gb/s worth it)

For RAM, should i chose a cheeper brand? Corsair is a bit expensive.

I'm not thinking about overclocking soon, so is the stock fan good in this case?

Its my first build, I'm thinking about buying my parts at a computer warehouse, so i can save money on shipping/handling. Is this ok or is it better to buy it off the internet?



thanks for getting back if you are confident in getting your parts from a computer warehouse cool  .the main reasom mentioned newegg was for the specific model info if it's microCenter or frys let us know the info this way we came help a bit better

look for WD Caviar Black HD 64 cache 7200rpm 6gb/s other can be found with the 'green' Seagates as well with higher cash

For memory check out G.Skill ,Kingston, hyperx for your mobo abit of a Corsair tax ...if possible include the make and model numbers

definitely get a different  cooler check your warehouse and hit us up with the info see what you can get $25.00 ?

what about the return policy ? in case you need it or RMA with the wharehouse you're considering and it's reputation

newegg's is really pretty good in case you have  problems and can save a bit with the timing of purchase free delivery rebates etc

by the way what monitor are you going to use with the Nvidia GTX 460 and who is  the manufacturer of that card ??

ask around here as to the dif manufactureerd of the Nvidia GTX 460 and you will get some opions

stick with at least that PSU quality @650W from Corsair


I will follow your suggestions for the HDD 🙂 ! Sounds very good.

I will wait a couple of months for the CPU cooler (kinda broke right now lol)

For the GPU, i'm thinking of the ASUS GTX 460 1GB. I know it does not have the quickest clock speeds, but it suits best my budget and needs (Im not a hardcore gamer). Would this GPU be ok?

For my monitor, i'm still hesitating between a 1600x900 and a 1080p monitor. Perhaps i will go with Samsung, but any other suggestions are welcome.


My Recommended Configuration

Motherboard:Fatal1ty P67 PROFESSIONAL (B3) $220 

Processor:2500K  $220

Case:Cooler Master’s HAF 912 :$60

Video Card: EVGA GTX 560 Ti @ NewEgg Right now $238 and $30 Mail In Rebate $208 Final

PSU: CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX750 V2 750W ATX12V v2.31/ EPS12V v2.92 80 PLUS BRONZE : $110

Hard Drive:Western Digital Caviar Black WD7502AAEX 750GB :$70

Ram: CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 1600 mhz :$90

Total : $978 Includes Shipping N Handling


You can Stay with your choice of the P8P67, I put the Asrock one because it has added features like, extra power protection, Instant OC and several others things. 

SO its $160 for the P8P67, that $60 less which will bring the price down to $908 and you can add $30 More to the total for the 692 Advance , that $938 total

You Put $80 for 4 GB of ram,   Ram is pretty cheap rith now, for $90 you get 8GB of 1600 Memory, top of the line Corsair Sandy Bridge memory.

I Recommend  the 560 Ti over the 460, its way better and faster , right now for this week, is at $208 with mail in rebate.

The TX750 PSU is a better choice, $10 more and 750W, Better upgradability , it will come in handy when you opt for a second GTX 560 TI and you alsodecide to add a Water cooler like the H70 and overclock as well. 

All these prices are NewEgg, they sell cheaper and they are solid. 



hey thanks for getting back that Asus GPU should AOK for you >>> the HD performance slight upgrade would be user noticeable  so good for you to consider

yep if you are not going to OC that i2500k right away just use the stock intel and save some cash up for some thing that going to really make a dif esp when you rock that tig with an OC  either way you really should get one anyhow.

as to the monitor check this out

at least a 22" screen w/ default rez =1920x1080   check out the price ! Samsung has a bit of a brand tax Asus also make some good ones too for a fair price 

so maybe best to think of the monitor separately if  you can. Then  shop around and get your hardware & take advatnage of some deals. 

but i would not suggest skimping too much on the on the screen and you'll appreciate the gpu a lot more....get the screen you want get the cpu cooler a bit later



Thnx for the very complete response! I will take into consideration what you said, but your making my life hard lol, cuz what you recommend is a great pc for the price, yet there are some things i won't really need.


"I understand, No problem, hey If your still going for that GTX 460 , Tiger Direct. Com Has it for $135  [:P] after mail in rebate, $175 Regular Price ,- $40 mail in Rebate. offer ends on the 30th of this month, and the limit for the rebates applies up to two cards, so if you think about, thats two cards in Sli for $270 with about the same power as a GTX 580 and better than a GTX 480.,2694-11.html "

"Its a smart investment and You will be playing all game with lots of high setting with no slowdowns."

"I know I'm trying to spoil ya, but its OK to go with one card"

To Answer some of your question:

 I'm not thinking about overclocking soon, so is the stock fan good in this case?

Yes , the stock fan that comes with the 2500K is good, you can do 4GHZ overclock easy with no problem and no heat issues whatsoever, that way you get an extra added performance.

Is it useless to have a 6 GB/s HDD right now? For the HDD, would a 32mb cache, 7200 RPM, 3gb/s be good to go? (Btw, is 6gb/s worth it)

"Sata 3  / 6GBs is becoming the norm and mostly the new Sata 3 HD's are being price almost equally as the sata 2, get a Sata 3, its a tad faster."

 For RAM, should i chose a cheeper brand? Corsair is a bit expensive.

"Corsair prices are fine, just look around in NewEgg, RAm prices have fallen drastically."

"For your monitor , go with a 1080P monitor, the one suggested by RRplay is a great one, though, you have to tell us your budget for that , and I can look around and suggest you a great deal."



thnx for finding the link!

I still got a few questions about the monitor! The AOC Monitor linked from rrplay seems pretty good, but it seems it comes without an HDMI output, but rather a DVI-D. Does that make any difference?

Btw, its a 5ms, would i be better off with a 2ms or is the difference too minimal?


OK if you can think of the monitor as separate it may be easier for you .the one you may want to consider and better choice is this one

ASUS VW246H Glossy Black 24" 2ms(GTG) HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor

even at 199.00 the price on this one was 179.00 over Memorial Day weekend It's a better monitor overall and your previous answered not much tilt in the AOC too Expect this popular screen price to vary from place to place and the 4rth of July is coming soon. So get the rest of your parts list nailed down to shop around & you may be able to save some cash.. esp if you can get the Asus for about 179.00 & you would notice the screen quality between the two.


"Agrred with RRplay, you might want to wait for the 4th of July Deals coming up, and that 24 incher he suggested is even better. 5ms to 2ms is not that great of a deal, but 2ms is better.  Overall i Thimk you should wai for the 4th of July sales, you might walk away with a banging new 27 inch monitor for around 200 - 250 range."

Oliveoil wrote:

The AOC Monitor linked from rrplay seems pretty good, but it seems it comes without an HDMI output, but rather a DVI-D. Does that make any difference?

No, its basically the same"

"By the way, whats you monitor budget?"



my budget for the monitor is around 140-150$, but if i have a crazy

deal i can extend this budget. However, i live in Canada, so i dont know

if the 4th of july sales will affect prices here.

Anyways, im

gonna recap what i've got so far, because if if there is actually a drop

in prices during that holiday, i will definately purchase my computer

for that occasion.

Mobo: ASUS P8P67

CPU: Intel i5-2500k


or ZOTAC GTX 460

PSU: Corsair TX 650W V2

RAM: Corsair vengeance 1600 mhz 2x4GB

HDD: WD Caviar Black 750GB 64mb cache 6GB/s

Case: CM 690 II Advanced

Monitor: Still looking

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I would go with EVGA. They tend to have the best warranties for video cards alone.

Other then that, everything is fine. I do have two suggestions for monitors though. (Though the refresh rate may not be great, the IPS have been known to be better looking.) (2ms and might be good for what you want.)

Anyways, good luck with your system!