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You can thank Groupon (and all of those Groupon clones) for this one. T-Mobile USA has just pulled a fast one by entering into the deals space. Yes, deals. The company has just launched More for Me, which is listed as a nationwide aggregation service that offers consumers various deals each day. As you may expect, the service is totally free, and starting this week, Android users on the network can download the beta version of the T-Mobile More for Me application from Android Market.

More for Me is the first nationwide daily deal aggregation service of its kind from a national wireless carrier. Discounts and deals are generated from popular social buying sites, such as LivingSocial – the online source for handpicked experiences at a great value – as well as exclusive offers from T-Mobile and its partners. Now, one has to wonder how long before other carriers join the party. People love deals. People love smartphones. It's a match made in shopping heaven.

good idea, but what about advertising for the phones you want this phone to run on? Like the sensation; there hardly has been any advertising for it. Good idea tmobile, but you need to refocus your efforts.


Add this to the barcode readers that are available for the smartphone and this could mean big money for cell carriers. Yet another way to collect data on users as well and what their buying habits are.