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USB sticks have been around forever. No surprise there. But they've been improving in recent years, proving that there's still demand for these little guys so long as capacity increases along with transfer rates. The Sharkoon Flexi-Drive Ultimate is the company's latest, complete with an eight-channel MLC architecture and write speeds as high as 120MB/sec. Read rates are pegged at 200MB/sec, with capacity options of 64GB and 128GB.

That's huge for a USB key, and could very well replace some of those old USB hard drives you have been lugging around. The Sharkoon Flexi-Drive Ultimate uses a powerful Single Chip USB3.0 Controller and four eight-channel controlled MLC storage cells. The memory stick is in a high-quality, black aluminium case with a protective cap and keychain eyelet, measures 79 x 27 x 9.3 mm, weighs 40 grams and supports the operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32 and 64 Bit), Mac OS 10 as well as Linux.

It'll be available soon for 139.90 euros (64 GB) or 229.00 euros (128 GB), which makes it one of the most expensive USB drives we've ever seen. But hey, you gotta pay for speed and size!

This thing is almost fast enough and big enough to be an SSD. Pretty impressive piece of hardware. I am sure the price will come down on it though USB 3.0 is still a relatively new technology and this one does use higher end chips.


USB drives are handy to have but if I really need that much space I just throw it onto my external hard drive.


Well that's the point of technology. You won't need to carry your bulky and fragile external drive anymore, but instead this 'high quality aluminum sturdy compact 4x as fast' USB key.

'For only $199.99'.


That price point is another drawback. You can get a pocket-sized 320GB external for $69.99 and with the cash left over you could grab a few 32GB USB sticks for $29.99. Whoops, scratch everything I just said those bad boys up there also support key-chains.


"The only problem I have with USB sticks are its size, I have lost several, though not with sensitive information, just lots of pics of hot chicks and piles of Mp3's, and yes, porn, good porn, darn it. These things are expensive, and for about the same price , you can get a similar capacity sized SSD which can serve the same duties and have faster transfer rates, and can be convenient if you have a external or a quick access dock in your case. And like other have stated, a high capacity external HD is the way to go still."



not much to add after the above comments other than it may be interesting to see in when other manufactures bring this type of  performance to flash drives which on a keychain could be very well the new standard.


LBowen, but the thing is this would be a lot smaller then a external. 🙂 But the price is up there.


I'd say right now it just comes down to personal preference and I don't have a need for a large space USB drive.


Large capacity flash drives like these can definitely be useful and handy, but they're pricey too, which definitely prohibits adoption. Still, it's fun to see what's out there and what will be more affordable in a few years :-)