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Microsoft's tablet strategy (or complete lack thereof) has drawn significant criticism, but the rumor mill suggests the manufacturer may take unprecedented steps to establish itself as a player in this space. DigiTimes, quoting unspecified industry sources, claims Microsoft may build and market its own tablet. MS is allegedly cooperating with Texas Instruments to design and market the device and plans to compete against its own industry partners.

If true, it wouldn't be the first time Microsoft has tossed its hat into the hardware ring, but the company's track record in this area is anything but good. Its keyboard/mouse products have performed well, but the Zune ultimately failed to gain
traction against the iPod, while the Kin family of smartphones were abysmal failures.

The report claims that Microsoft would design its own tablet while simultaneously encouraging other manufacturers to develop their own products. As conflicts of interests go, that's not one we'd categorize as subtle. It's not in Microsoft's
own best interests to create such a scenario, particularly given the fact that Windows 8 has yet to prove itself. Given the
popularity of Android, Microsoft may find itself fighting for market share in an already-established field.  

It's also possible that MS is working on tablets more as proof-of-concept products than shipping devices.  It makes perfect sense for MS to be cooperating with Texas Instruments--the latter's OMAP SoC family could be used to demonstrate performance on current hardware. Intel's 32nm Medfield is another prototype option. Tablets may have strained the Intel/Microsoft relationship, but Redmond is hardly going to ignore the potential x86  market.

It's one thing to say Microsoft is considering a tablet and something altogether different to claim it's actually planning
to launch one. It's a strategy that might make sense if Redmond felt OEMs weren't interested in Windows 8 products, but competing with one's partners is rarely a good idea. It might not bite Microsoft in the short term, but OEMs are notoriously gun shy about adopting products that leave them beholden to any single supplier. It does MS no good to build a tablet OS if it can't generate momentum around it.
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Ridiculously bad idea; Microsoft has had a poor track record when it comes to developing hardware. With any luck, it'll end up like that long forgotten KIN phone.


If they are working with TI to build a tablet I would bet that they are only building a prototype to show off Windows 8 on a tablet type of hardware. Of course if the goal is to support more types of hardware they probably could use an existing tablet and load Windows 8 on to the devices.


Microsoft just made a deal with Nokia for billions and it was stated that MS could not buy Nokia for the FCC would not approve the merger. now we here Samsung wants to buy Nokia (witch they say they don't)but how many times have we heard that before. in the long run Microsoft won't make a slate they will just set the right conditions for there OS to be in place for any merger that comes down the path.probable with all that android money they make Samsung ,Microsoft,Nokia HUM?

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>> Microsoft has had a poor track record when it comes to developing hardware

Exactly what I was thinking. In honor of the recent death of the creator of MadLibs, fill in the following sentence that describes the new Win8 tablets:

"__(color)__ __(noun)__ of death."


I don't know if there partnering with TI I would say it will come out guns blazing. TI has a quad core coming very soon that is competitive if not beyond the one from Nvidia. Much like I said a few weeks ago we are going to see the entire last many years in the desktop and laptop hardware arena flash before our eyes by December or January of next year. I personally just got the HTC Sensation on T-Mobile on day one of arrival even though I know by November we will see both quad core tablets and most likely smart phones by October. I know someone will as me why I got a smart phone now so I will answer before you have to. I had to have one to take credit cards so I cannot wait until July or August when the Galaxy S II and more are coming in the US. Plus the Sensation has an aluminum uni body which I really, really like.

Anyway back to the Microsoft Tablet with Windows 8 by TI. TI has some major experience as well as very current R&D on almost the entire internals exceeded or equaled most likely by Samsung only. So they are a perfect partner on it, they just should have done it 2 or 3 years ago. Either way I imagine they will still be in a decent place in the market.

One of the things which has really been perplexing me is how analysts from several organizations have been saying Windows phone would be on top by 2015. With this and a lot of the things such as cloud centered OS, and Office environment seems to make sense on this. They also own Nokia on the phone manufacturing side as well which was still number one up until a very short time ago (less than a year). I remember when I thought the Xbox had no chance in the console world because SONY would eat them. Well Nintendo blasted out with the Wii and the Xbox ate everything else or at least to a large percentage, and is now number one in consoles I believe.

There console is made by various partners basically, assembled, and run by Microsoft. Everything is also approved by them and they have major software game with it which is where they make there money. Plus it wears there name. Microsoft's business is software, they are hard to beat in it, and have been so for the better part of 20 years straight now. As far as it all goes they are making more money on the Android market from the various patents and court ruled rewards they get from all the manufacturers than on the Windows Phone, or any other manufacturer from what I understand.

On that side the only one who also beats them is Samsung who makes most memory for all smart phones, has the own smart phones, and makes cpu's and I think GPU's as well for Apple. Samsung has almost no software game though so Microsoft beats them as well I am pretty sure in the long run. I don't really cheer them for what they are it is often hard to take out and old championship boxer though if you get my drift until they truly pass a certain age.

Lamar Kropf

I'm not gonna say that a Microsoft tablet won't work, perhaps they learned enough on earlier tries of phones and the Zune. However, I do think they are working against themselves as far as selling Windows 8 to others goes.


Hope your right Rapid!...And I hope they make it in Texas!!!

I would love to see MS come out swinging and beat apple down like a turtleneck pansy!

I still think and learn for myself, that is why I remain a PC! have no tattoos and dont follow the crowd:P