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Apple today announced that the next major version of its operating system -- Mac OS X Lion -- will ship in July for $29 and will only be available as a download (4GB) in the Mac App Store. That's substantially less than the normal selling price of $129, though it won't be offered as a boxed retail package.

What Lion will bring to the table are 250 new features, many of them representing Apple's "best thinking from iPad," with a handful of them talked about during Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Chief among them is a new Launchpad designed to give users instant access to apps, just like on the iPad. Open windows fade away and are replaced with a full screen display of all the apps on the Mac. Users will be able to swipe to see multiple pages of apps, as well as group apps using folders in the same manner as the iPad. Tying in with the new Launchpad is a "richer multi-touch experience." Apple is beefing up its touchpad gestures support to include things like rubber-band scrolling, and page and image zoom.

Another big feature addition is auto-save. Mac OS X Lion will automatically save your work -- and possibly your hide -- while you work. There's a lock feature to prevent inadvertent changes from being saved (it locks a document after two weeks), and a revert feature that returns you to the state the document was in when you last opened it.

One thing we wish would make its way to Windows is a Resume feature. This allows users to apply software updates and restart their system without worrying about saving work.

"Resume lets you restart your Mac -- after a software update, for example -- and return to what your were doing. With all your apps back in the exact places you left them," Apple says. "In fact, whenever you quit and relaunch an app, Resume opens it precisely the way you left it. So you never have to start from scratch again."

Other notable features include:
  • Mail 5: A new mail layout that takes advantage of widescreen displays and looks very similar to the iPad. You can view messages in your inbox and see a full-height preview of the selected message.
  • AirDrop: You can wireless send files to anyone in your vicinity, and without any setup or special settings. AirDrop automatically discovers nearby users who are using AirDrop, allowing you to drag-and-drop files.
  • New FileVault: This features boasts XTX-AES 128 data encryption at the disk level, encrypting everything in the background while you work. It also works with external drives, and can wipe all data from your Mac instantaneously.

So what's the preliminary verdict? Do these new features make you more apt to consider a Mac, or will Steve Jobs have to pry your Windows/Linux box from your cold, dead hands?

I feel that Macs have their place just like PCs. I hear all the time how stable they are so if I could I would use a MAC for work and school and use a PC for gaming and entertainment. Right now though I would not pony up the dough and would rather stick with my PC. One day though I hope to have the best of both worlds.


I have to disagree with the stable part. I'm a multimedia designer by trade and we use apple at work and macs crash all of the time don't let the fanboys fool you. As a matter of fact I would love a pc for work because After Effects 5.5 and Maya 2012 both have gpu offloading for nvidia graphics cards, apple uses ati/amd. Not to mention the endless number of workstation cards for pc's, I think there is one for mac and its like 2500. I hate the notion that apple is better for designers, adobe and all 3d programs are geared towards pc, Also there are no good normal map generators for mac. if you have a nice pc and a high quality monitor the pc is better for design imo.


@Optimus to be honest now that macs are Intel based there is no reason why you should not be able to run Apple products on an Intel based PC but Apple is very controlling of their software drivers. I have even seen certain combinations of hardware that are ideal for a hackintosh.

But why bother with Linux you get some very Mac like features better stability


Thanks Drake for clearing that up. PC to me has always been the go to option for computing because I can just crack open the case if I want to change or mod something.


Well Apple can roar all they want with a new OS. I always did not care for all the control Apple mandates with their OS. Too limiting and def not enough freedom of choice.And yep Macs do freeze up even with moderate multimedia use.I would never consider trading from the PC/Win /Linux platform and freedom of choice with OS system window management etc.Sure OSx86 can be a cool thing to look into & patcing it to run on AMD can be a bit of fun for some and it is. Sometimes in the past others have made a Linux sytem look like a Mac and sometimes there may be a bit of the 'fans' from either camp of purists" stating why would any one want to /

I say why not if that's what floats your boat and you feel that you acomplished something personal and unique for your computing experience.Then great and enjoy Very easy to pursue when you have the vast freedom of choice with hardware and the flexibilty to run Windows the way you want or simply select your favorite distro.

I nway still think that quite afew may be updating to the Lion for the newer fammilarity of the interface and at least it;s not that big of an expsense which actually took me by surprise.

Lamar Kropf

I like the new Lion features, but to tell you the truth, it just makes me mad that Windows doesn't already have some of those features. Like Resume for instance. For what you pay for Windows, it should easily have that by now. Hopefully the low price of Lion will also bring the price of Windows down, but I bet it won't much. :(


I really like some of these new features and the LOW! price point, but I really hate the way Apple insists on controlling everything. For this reason, I'm not a Mac user. I prefer to be able to upgrade my system and do various other tasks without permission.

I do hope that Microsoft takes some cues from this announcement, however. I'd love to see some of these features in Windows and would REALLY love it if the price for Windows would come down!


$30? sold for all the features.