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Nothing like a notebook update to get your gears turning when considering an upgrade. Maingear has just announced a fairly major update to their notebook line, and of course, it has to do with NVIDIA's newest GPU selection. The Alt-15, eX-L 15, eX-L 17 and Titan 17 notebooks can now be ordered with GeForce GTX 560M and GeForce GT 555M graphics card options, and they'll also boast wide gamut LED panels supporting 95% NTSC color. The additional boost of the GeForce GT 555M on the Alt-15 and Alt-17, as well as the powerful GeForce GTX 560M on the eX-L 15, eX-L 17, and Titan 17 offer gamers more choices for less money, or so says the company.

The MAINGEAR Alt-15 and eX-L 15 will both offer the optional display panel that increases NTSC gamut color. In general, color gamut refers to the various levels of colors that can potentially be displayed. Both the Alt-15 and eX-L 15  notebooks offer an increase from 68% to 95% in NTSC gamut color which will be especially useful for creative professionals or enthusiasts looking to use a display for content creation work and need a greater range of color and color accuracy – or anyone who just want the best.  Both the Alt-15 and eX-L 15 offer options in both matte and glossy displays.

Orders are being taken now, which means your money can now be taken. Pretty simple, huh?

I did not think that Maingear would be too far behind Origin. The ladies man says "Say hello to my little friend" only he's talking about these laptops.


Not surprised by this move from Maingear especially since I am sure they want to stay on the cutting edge for all the gaming and design enthusiasts. I wonder what we can expect from them in the future other than Epicness of course.


Amazing pieces of mobile gear. Perhaps MG could toss one of these into the HH contest =o.


After taking a pretty good look at  one of the Maingear cofig pages I would not hesitate to buy or recommend these easily configured Maingear notebooks and already did ! Besides after seeing the Maingear Tour previously in HH

it's a pretty safe bet that you would be receiving a well made laptop with a great level of personal  attention to details and quality.Just like they have in the desktop lineup.


The last contest was for an Epic Maingear Shift 🙂 it just goes to show how much hard work HH puts into these contests and obtaining sponsors.


as most of you know i have been on almost all the sites looking and Maingear and cyberpower are the top in terms of bang for your buck the choices make the difference and after going back to the two and a half geeks (Maingear tour) that Dave & Marco did i chose Maingear the attention to detail -AMAZING!!

and thanks to rrplay to


I've never built a computer before, so I'm wondering is it more affordable to build your own laptop or to purchase a pre-configured laptop from a company like Maingear and Cyberpower?


Nice, yet someone needs to talk Maingear into making these specs into a tablet version. Maybe one that is half tablet and half power upgrade within the keyboard section.