Wow!  If you missed Game 3 of the NBA Finals, then you missed an epic comeback by Mavs who were down 15 pts midway through the 4th quarter.  The Heat players were already congratulating each other for "winning" the game even before the game was over.  I would have liked more TV coverage of the Heat player's faces during the epic collapse and their eventual loss.  Their smug faces replaced by the stigma of failure... that would have been nice to see.  The next 3 games will be played in Dallas, and I hope the Mavs keep their composure and focus on the singular goal of winning an NBA title.  Go Mavs!!!  :)





The Mavs should have taken that one... My friend who is a Cavs fan and I were REALLY looking forward to the Mavs gaining a 2-1 lead in the series...

My friend just ordered a tshir that says Cavs for Mavs on it. LOL

I really hate Lebron too... So I'm hoping for a Mav win.