Marco C

That looks like two 580s and four 480s to me.  Crazy.


SICK! would love to have it 😃.


Marco knows his cards 😛, and dadodgeson, the 580's say 580 on them 😛 lol


WOW!!  That's insane.  I wonder what the noise levels and temps are like when under load.  


Marco C wrote:

That looks like two 580s and four 480s to me.  Crazy.

it's my eys there not so good any more(but i can run like a deer)


That is def crazy  .. & pic of another angle


there is more than one PSUto power that setup

thanks for sharing the cool link[H]


Holy cow!...I bet gaming on that thing is like being in an IMAX theater 😃. I Didn't even know if that was possible to fit 6 cards in a PC! I've heard of Quad-SLI and stuff like that....but never this.

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Yea, those wicked heat pipes are a dead give away, those are 480s and a pair of 580s.

Either way that is a ton of Graphics cards.

Also, there are not SLI bridges attached to those cards... sooo unless they are running a hydra chip or something like that in there... my guess is that this beast was built for folding, NOT gaming.

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Thanks for sharing, leave it to Computex to pull something like this. What the hell kind of custom board do they have in this sucker that can hold 6 cards. Good catch on the SLI Bridges Acartz you are probably right built for folding.


[:O]  Wow, it is just insanity; like using a Nuke against an anthill.  The power supply unit must be beastly and I just need more information because I can't fathom many situations where that is needed.  Maybe high quality graphics rendering or something? 

I'm sorry if my sentences might be incoherent it is just my mind is blown right now; I think I need to lie down.

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Impressive. It's not hard to imagine how loud these things will be but I also notice there are no SLI bridges. So I assume that there's a prototype Hydra chip that allows 6 GPU's to work together in perfect harmony...

If so, I wonder how fast that beast can go. I'm guessing it can play Crysis at least 4x as well as the other systems.



Hey... Couldn't resist.


That's awesome... My brother in law runs a metal place here in San Diego where they are building several hundred of those for one company. I would love to see the finished product once all the installation and cabeling is done. Not to mention I would also love to hear the beautiful hummm...



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The most powerful hydra chip out there only support 4 PCI-E 8x lanes. So it doesn't exist to run 6 yet. Nor do I think they even have any plans to do such a thing since there are no MBs or cases that can support such a setup and are readily available.

This thing was built to make us nerds drool. And if it has a primary function it would be folding. As a Gaming rig, it would be mediocre, as you could only use 1 of those cards at a time unless it has a Hydra chip, then it could use up to 4 at a time and it would be pretty impressive.

But I have no clue what mobo that thing is using.


Thanks for clearing that up acarzt I was having a hard time comprehending what type of computer could even utilize such a setup.