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Hewlett Packard EliteBook 8560p Notebook ReviewHP emptied its entire bag of tricks on the EliteBook 8560p, the company's top-end business laptop that employs several features we wish other notebook vendors would adopt. HP tells HotHardware the 8560p is the result of lots of user feedback, sporting several subtle suggestions that combine to make this one of the most enjoyable non-gaming laptops we've ever played with.

There are three pre-configured EliteBook 8560p models to choose from priced from $1,100 to $1,500. The one we have in-house is HP's $1,500 model with several pre-configured bells and whistles...

Hewlett Packard EliteBook 8560p Notebook Review

Lamar Kropf

hmmm... looks uniquely squared to me, especially with the chiclet keys. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it almost looks retro-ish.


@Lamar This is a business class notebook so the idea was not to be stylish 🙂 I agree that the square corners do make it look bulkier.

@HH nice review and yeah for physical buttons, I hate those touch sensitive buttons that both require software and die often. Since I don't game on a laptop I tend to look for business class models simply because of the ease of fixing them and finding parts they also tend to be built better and last longer.

I see that the machine does not come with a restore disc... does it have a utility to build one or a recovery partition? Recovery partitions need to go away because if the hard drive dies then you have no way to get the OS back.

I really wish they would start designing consumer grade notebooks with ease of repair in mind. Though I guess their business model is to get you to buy a new laptop every 2 years or less.


First off another great write-up Paul! I actually really like the squared look of this laptop although I would like to see a quadro in it. I guess that would be the EliteBook mobile workstation haha. hdmi would be nice too but it has display port so it doesn't need hdmi.

@omegadraco I dont know about the hp windows 7 laptops but my vista one had an option to burn your own recovery disk so that is what I did. I would assume they have a recovery partition on the drive too.


Nice Review Paul.  My sister has business class notebook by Dell and she's always complaining about how crappy the battery life is and how much heat it generates.  It seems that HP has taken similar complaints from other users like my sister into consideration when designing the 8560p.  Still, like you, I'm a bit disappointed with the lack of GPU options. 


Pretty sure I had left a comment on this much earlier... anhow this business laptop from HP is made for business folks to use throughout their day. So not a ganmer lappy at all.Pretty sure they would like to have a well designed key board and get along with out looking for a mouse .and battery life along with some useful power options are a must.Put that in a sleek aluminum chassis and they are likely going to be happy.

thanks for the review

NOTE =+1 the comments that were thumbed -1 down 

'cuz all of those comments were solid IMO ![:)]


The video was amazing. I never knew how these engineers work. I'm a huge fan of HP. Hope this will go well.