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You won't be buying one of these for your home PC, but those in the enterprise world are probably licking their chops. Texas Memory Systems is right up there with Fusion-io in the insanely-fast Flash NAND space, and the company has just launched a new high-performance RamSan-70, a 900GB half-length PCIe card that sports Toshiba's latest 32nm SLC flash. Yes, 900GB of fast flash, right to your mainboard. Insane. And like we said, so expensive that you'll never consider one if you aren't an enterprise customer.

The RamSan-70 “Gorilla” is a high-performance, half-length PCIe card with 900 GB of usable SLC Flash capacity. Delivering 330K IOPS and 2 GB/s of bandwidth, it offers higher performance and greater capacity than any other half-length SLC Flash PCIe card. It's based on the Xilinx FPGAs and a PowerPC processor, and it doesn't need to place a burden on your CPU to get done what it needs to get done. The Series-7 Flash Controller is field-upgradable, and is scheduled for initial delivery in 4-8 weeks.

As we suspected, you'll have to pry for details on price. It'll be up there!

i bet you this think rocks the benchmarks, but hurts your wallet in the process.


ROFL; LLe this thing most likely not only rocks your wallet, it probably empties it unless your making 6 figures or above, and still have a house or rent payment a car and all those annoying other things you pay for like a cell phone, electricity, cable or satellite, food, gas etc.


rapid1 wrote:

not only rocks your wallet, it probably empties it

Yeah, or rips your wallet out through your [censored]s.

I searched 5 engines for half an hour and couldn't find a price anywhere for this. Toshiba wants to have me fill out the paperwork to "Get A Quote" for one.

It's gonna be expensive,..........


Ya... i don;t even want to know the price of this thing... But 900GB of SSD power would be so beast!