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With a little more than a week's worth of sales figures to analyze, mega electronics retailer Best Buy said that BlackBerry PlayBook tablet PC sales have so far been much higher than expected. Whether or not Best Buy is feigning surprise to boost consumer confidence is hard to tell since the chain didn't release any figures, but assuming Best Buy is being sincere, then it would appear that early mixed reviews haven't scared customers away from the PlayBook.

"Best Buy has had great success selling BlackBerry smartphones in North America, so our sales expectations for the BlackBerry PlayBook were very high," Best Buy said in a statement. "To date, we have far exceeded those expectations and we're finding that customers are even more interested in purchasing once they've tested the PlayBook in the store."

Maybe getting customers to spend a little hands-on time with the device is the key to moving units off the shelves and out the door. We, along with everyone else, had high hopes for RIM's PlayBook, but the device has been panned by several critics for the lack of native email support and contacts. To use those features, PlayBook owners must also have a BlackBerry smartphone on hand, at least until RIM updates the device.

The general consensus seems to be that RIM rushed the PlayBook to market before it was fully baked. Even still, RIM's strong brand recognition, particularly among the corporate market, along with the PlayBook's overall performance probably did lead to better-than-expected sales, particularly if Best Buy stores are actively encouraging tablet shoppers to spend some hands-on time with the 7-inch device.

this must be mostly online sales, because when i worked there in the computer department, the only thing everyone carried about was the ipad. Maybe since they are out of stock, they are pushing this and the xoom. The problem with this is apple has an edge because in best buy stores they have apple experts, as to were they dont have any android exports ( i was one of the only people there who knew what android was). The best bet for these tablets as of now is online sales.


Every higher-end tablet in my store is pretty much gone when it gets there...xoom, galaxy, [obviously] iPad just refuse to stay in stock. It's freaking nuts how people buy into this...what...3rd coming of the tablet?


Definitely proves the point people come to my store for office supplies and not tech. The Playbook just sits there and customers just glance at it briefly.


Personally I am staying away from tablets in general for at least another 6 months there is some great tech coming down the line and prices need to drop some before I could even possibly afford one.


"The general consensus seems to be that RIM rushed the PlayBook to market before it was fully baked." And yet, the PlayBook seemed to take FOREVER to come to market from when it was initially announced! Too bad RIM couldn't get all of the bugs fleshed out in that time.

Maybe all is not lost, though. I know corporate users especially are interested in the PlayBook. Hope this report is right and that the PlayBook does well now that it's here.


Yeah right, first rule in polytechs or marketing. Always make it seem like your product is doing better than it actually is! At least that way you can convince the investors you are on the right track.

Lets just go out and say that there are 1.6 million saved or created playbooks! If you say it enough and have all the propaganda saying the same thing then they are bound to believe it :P


I don't know I remember when I saw these and the Xoom at CES I was liking these more. Then you consider that Blackberry has a huge corporate market. So there recognition if not brand loyalty is pretty big, and probably about even BB, iPhone, Android. Then you think about the fact that those who will most positively see the Blackberry brand also already have a BB, so they have email etc up and running the device is much more positively received I would imagine.

On another note on the operational level if you had a BB probably any time in the last 2-3 years you can probably already just recall it as well. Of course this sounds about 50/50 to me where they have had some positive movement, and they as a store are adding onto it to further advance sales and demand. That is a win win the get better accommodations from BB for helping them market, and they make more money in store.

Don't forget Bestbuy may be existing, but they are doing nowhere near the business they were pulling down two years ago.I have not bought anything at Bestbuy for at least a year, and that was a Disney DVD because they have an exclusive. That is a -$30 transaction, so there profit is minimal no matter the mark up. Now and again I will pop in and look at devices, but I learned at least 10 years ago if not almost 20 that I could get the same thing much cheaper online. SO if Best Buy could charge for being a show room they might make some money.

I don't think they will die as they are really one of the big 3 I think. as far as I know there is Walmart, BestBuy, Fry's, and Micro Center as far as I know, those are all big box brick and mortar retail local to me and or Atlanta area wide. So BestBuy is promoting there products to stay alive, sounds like smart business to me.

Of course whether these numbers are true we will not get any real vision on until the end of the current quarter when the numbers start rolling out.


I think Rapids on to something here.

I have been spending time in an Apple store lately (Oh the horror of it all!) and even the Apple employees are telling customers the best way to get the model they want is to go online.

And when I look in the big box stores it seems as though they are about 6 months to a year behind in tech - try finding a zacate based system at Staples or Wal-mart.

If it's something you really want, it's easier to find it online today, and more than likely cheaper too.


Long time apple user with an iPad, but I am blown away by the PlayBook. It is super tight, extremely fast, and thanks to the Flash support, the web works on the PlayBook. The form factor is also great, fits in a pocket, and can be typed on like a blackberry, two thumbs.