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18: HotHardware's Two and A Half Geeks Webcast - MainGear Tour!In this latest episode of HotHardware's Two and a Half Geeks, Dave, Iyaz and Marco talk about the MainGear eX-L 15 gaming notebook with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 485 graphics, HTC's Thunderbolt 4G LTE Smartphone, AMD's Radeon HD 6670 and 6570 mainstream graphics cards, and the Corsair SP2500 2.1 channel speaker system...

Show Notes:
01:06 - Maingear eX-L 15 Gaming Notebook Review
04:32 - AMD Radeon HD 6670 and 6570 Mainstream GPUs
07:13 - HTC Thunderbolt 4G Android Smartphone Review
13:40 - Corsair SP2500 2.1 Speaker System and HS1A Headset
16:35 - Contest Plug & Hints

Muwhahahah another great broadcast. Thanks for the info and the reviews of some great products.

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Good news is; if I don't win this contest, there's always another contest with even hotter hardware for me to compete in.

And hey, I get a free 2GB USB hard drive if I'm one of the Top 10 participants right? Win/win.

Marco C

Everytime a contest ends, we always have a couple of folks that are p.o.'ed they didn't win. But we hope everyone understands that there's always going to be another coming soon. :)


Another great webcast! I really enjoy them. Thanks for hosting the contest, amazing machine for some lucky person. I can't believe people get mad about losing. It's free to enter!! It's all about meeting new people and making some tech friends. Looking forward to the next contest and congrats to the winner, w[censored]ver that may be!!


Nice review on the eX-L15 and nifty usb drives. Congrats to all the winners!


I will never understand how someone can get mad - over not getting something for free. It's free, no harm no foul.


Sorry for the audio issues on this one, folks. The AV gods weren't with us this time but we'll get it right for the next episode.


Some people will get mad over stuff like that.  I mean you guys are giving away some great gear and by just doing a search you can see this is not a one time occurrence.  So thanks for the great site and contest.


Totally agree Jon


The audio was not that big of an issue it only really screwed up for a few seconds here or there when I listened to it. You were at the mercy of the internet :)


Dave_HH wrote:

Sorry for the audio issues on this one, folks. The AV gods weren't with us this time but we'll get it right for the next episode.

nxo problemo  but was really spot on was Marco doing the explaino with the banbpass enclosure  on the subs and crossovers setup on the Corsair speaks

a few closeups and showmanship rampimg the anticipated buzzz for today is a very  a good thing !

and I like it [:)]


Great video guys!

Love you too dave 🙂 lol Sign mines for me :P

For the next contest announce the winner in a video it would create more suspense :D


Woohoo HH Flash Drives!! Thats awesome.Also, woah... the upload speed is faster than the download speed on 4g lte?? Impressive. (maybe i misheard that).

And Woah!! Next contest already??? Guys, take a break!! haha.

Thanks for the summary! ANd YES, good to see someone else, whose knowledgeable in audio, but has the sense and practicality of reviewing a product. You have no idea how annoying it is (for me) when I read reviews of speakers and following two things happens:

1) "Bass head reviewers: OMG, Bass soo good" as if thats the only thing that matters in sound.

2) "The highs are harsh, the mid range is lacking, These are no B&W speakers, stay away", Like seriously, no shit, the speakers arent bowers and wilkins.... you cant compare a 300$ set of cans with something that costs 3000$ hahaha.

I find it soo annoying!

Anywho, the review has me seriously thinking of selling my z-5500's and picking up a set of the Corsair sp2500's.

Thanks Guys!