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Of the six smart phones on the market that run Microsoft's latest phone OS, Windows Phone 7, HTC designed and manufactures three of them. It's latest, and most expensive, is Sprint's first-and currently only-WP7 option, the HTC Arrive and it arrived at Sprint just last month.

That said, the HTC Arrive offers a combination of Microsoft's latest and easily most impressive handset OS to date, along with a slide-out backlit keyboard and HTC's unmistakable design quality.  So there's at least a bit of differentiation to the product to pique the interest of thumb-texters looking at a WP7-equipped device.  Also, the Arrive we tested was running the updated version of Windows Phone 7, known as NoDo, with copy and paste capabilities at the ready.  Journey on for our thoughts and impressions.


Nice through review. My personal opinion is wait for the next version of WP7 and the next generation of phones to be produced. I don't think it will be long before we are seeing dual-core phone for WP7 since that is where the market is trending. I really dislike that the only memory available on the phone is 16GB built in where Android phones use a MicroSD slot.