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There are flash drives, and then there's this. Kingston has had their feet in the entierprise market for years now, and while they're obviously responsible for a number of the more traditional USB keys, the newest is definitely meant for the pros. The company's new "Managed" government-level secure USB key is tailored for use by corporate customers, ones that simply cannot ever afford to have their mobile data in harm's way.

It offers high-end security from BlockMaster, and the company's calling the DataTraveler 4000-M Managed a "fully managed version of the company’s DataTraveler 4000 product. Specifically developed and priced for enterprise deployments." It uses the company's SafeConsole server software from BlockMaster, hardware-based encryption, full device-state management and plenty of other Bond-approved stats. It's capable of transferring data at up to 18MB/s (with a 10MB/s write rate), with capacities of 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB.

As for pricing? $62, $74, $103 and $195 in the order of mention; a price premium for sure, but nothing too terrible.

Maybe if more companies use these types of flash drives we will hear less stories about peoples personal information being lost. The price is definitely a premium but if the solution works then it is well worth it. At least they are not charging $500 for a 16GB drive.


I doubt it Omega from what I have heard the very top end (talking dept of defense CIA level) of the USB auto log security keys were hacked a week or two back. I can guarantee you there higher level security than these are. I think what we will see is more massive data loss. As a hacker that goes in is not going to grab some records from the dumpster. He or She is going to grab the whole entire data base.