Drake_McNasty wrote:

haha that is awesome. The course in my parents town is right next to the river so whenever it floods the whole course becomes a lake. It's always more interesting after the water recedes because of the stumps and obstacles that are left behind.

yep that's the pic I tool when I had the camera and bike have to edit to get the duck in lol we usually play the small tree if there's a duck pond' but the course dries up fast.and plenty of mod holes to play aka what we call old 4 and playoff holes like 9th tee back to 3 s pin.etc.

So today usual stuff and got out for a bit between the freezy rain for a bit and picked up some of annoying trash on the disc course.What;s nice is that some of the wooded holes you are rather secluded from the elements like wind, so it feels like a different day.It's possible to play 4 times a week and NOT hit every tree LOL

 always fun and the satisfaction I get from cleaning up on our home course is always a good thing .Earth Day or not.


So I went out and cashed in on the California weather tax that I pay, it was sunny and 65-70 perfect to be out and about. 

Yes my friends that is a 1980's road bike that you are looking at. The patented sea mist green and boysenberry with the matching cammo grips!


It was an amazing day but now the weekend warriors are starting to come so it's getting busy. I hate holiday weekends around here, too many people. It was a great day though.

Der Meister

^looks nice. that pier looks familiar, is there a burger place on the end of that one?


That is the pier up in oceanside, I think there is a ruby's at the end. I've never eaten there though. It's a great area, have you been there?

Der Meister

I use to go there quite often, Rubys is a great burger joint. I grew up in SoCal and then moved to AZ to go to College and just decided to stay after that for the flight instructing. 


I moved here after college, it was a huge culture shock. I'm not sure how long I'll stay here, I've gotten used to the weather though it will be tough to move. I have friends in P[censored]nix so I make that trip a few times a year, it's a bit to warm for me during the summer though. I like the warm but not hot weather, let's keep it under 100.


its been a very lazy day so far. One of those overcast, gloomy, kind of days


Went to my sister's house to celebrate an Easter gathering and saw my grand - niece for the very first time !She is 2 weeks & old.she is such a pretty and precious little girl.She is my nephews first born & he is also the lead singer in a cover band  so he's been singing Guns and Roses "Sweet Child of Mine" lately.It was nice to meet my other nephew's fiance and the great kids she has.& he is getting married in September.One of my nieces is graduating next weekend with a master's degree and will be going to Peru in the summer on a Peace Corps mission.

The weather was a bit grey and cool and the kids had an Easter egg hunt in the yard

Even got my brother in-laws father  who's about 97 to sing a bit on video while the other son got 'da hook ! [ his cane] [:)]  ...really a nice day !

It's pretty special to have a family gathering likes this one and I treasured those moments today.


here here glad you got to meet your niece rrplay sounds like you had a great day and a few more to come

as for me i cut the grass got a lot done before work week starts


I went to six flags with my cousins. i need cousins that aren't afraid to ride a coaster...


dadodgeson wrote:

here here glad you got to meet your niece rrplay sounds like you had a great day and a few more to come

as for me i cut the grass got a lot done before work week starts

thanks for the kind remarks much appreciated [Y]

also in the summer I like to try to get the mowing and other house - yard stuff done during the week if possible to free up a bit more social - fun/play time on the weekends.


Good to hear you guys had a good Easter.

Did anyone do anything fun today? I really didn't do a whole heck of a lot, I researched non-flash slideshow players for a bit and then messed around in Maya.


Wow... am mucho jealous of you guys.... California (never been, looks Awesome!!), biking around the green roads, very nice, and Holy Frak!! A Pilot!!!! DAMN!!! Thats amazing. 

I wrote two 3 hour exams today.... 12-3, 3-6, then i had final presentations for my research report from 7-930.... I'm just Toast!! tonight, and pretty much for the next few days. I just want to have a beer and not read any more textbooks



I went to class and then I went to work for the rest of the day.  I can say for the whole day I was a little bit distracted...okay maybe really distracted.  I don't expect much sleep tonight to be honest.

Der Meister

I am quite glad I no longer have class. though i do mist to to some

More flying today and tomorrow.