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What's Alienware cooking up? The company is glad you're interested, and they got a killer teaser to keep you hanging on the edge of your seat. The new "Alienware Arena" section is encouraging consumers to "Discover" what's next, and in just over 11 hours from right now, you'll "be the first to know." The company's touting this as an "important announcement," with a quick teaser clip not really telling us anything.

But we're guessing we already have an idea. Alienware's new M14x notebook is now available to order over in Malaysia, and it's possible that the North American crowd could be seeing the same machine available over here in the morning. The M14x looks to be a dream come true for mobile gamers. While the M11x was rock solid and super novel, it's still tiny. For those who need a larger machine (but aren't willing to go 15.6"), the size of the M14x is a perfect split. We dare call it a compromise. According to the existing listing, it'll be available with a Core i7 2820QM CPU, 8GB of memory, NVIDIA's GeForce GT 555M (with 3GB of DDR3 memory + Optimus technology!) and a 14" display with two resolution options (1366x768 or 16900x900). It's going for around $1600 (starting price converted into local currency), and we're hoping this pops up in the morn for the folks in America. Start warming up those credit cards!
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Man, that laptop in the picture looks menacing as shit.

Whatever Alienware has cooked up, I sure want one!


Alienware sure can sure pack a lot of great specs in a small stealthy looking notebook and def fits the bill for the mobile gamer.just checked out the Alienware website and its not even up yet..still a bit early this AM and going to have check back a bit later. Way to Go News and HH for giving us the heads-up feed on this Teaser ! 

Can almost feel that credit card getting a bit warm with this Teaser !


16900x900 thats one heck of a resolution 😛

It is still too bad that Dell owns it, i'd rather invest my money in a Maingear.


I second that. I just can't get past it being owned by dell even thought it has amazing specs. After seeing how much care is put into the systems at maingear I wouldn't hesitate to get one of their machines, but it looks like maingear hasn't updated their 13" laptop to sandy bridge yet.


hey it's a Dell ! and here's a bit more about it :

def not my first  second or  third choice 

but hey it's a Dell



It is a BA little machine. But dude I'm not getting a dell. I wonder where the "dude you're getting a dell" guy is now, probably still toking up with triumph the comic dog.


I love the fact Alienware is releasing some new products but I don't see much of difference in components and the obvious minor differences in screen size when you compare the new M14x and M15x, and the M17x with the new M18x...

Are they going to begin releasing laptops with half inch increments in screen size too???

(although the m18x's specs haven't been completely released yet, I'm hoping theres some significant differences and gains in performance compared to the m17x as I believe both those laptops are really more of desktop replacements)


Looks like a great machine. Can't afford it right now, but hey, a girl can dream ;-)


haha oh man, this is faster than my desktop, now I'm just sad. lol


lolz! why are you sad?