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Hey guys, I was thinking about getting yet another case: the "Antec LanBoy Air" . But first I wanted some thoughts 🙂 Personally I like their "fully modular , high air-flow" concept they incorporated with this case, BUT i do not like how "toyish" or "kiddish" it looks. I just wanted some feedback to decide if its a good buy ^.^

Also, I keep hearing that you almost have to have a modular PSU in order to keep the case looking "neat" because its all mesh? Is this true or can i just stick with my non-modular 650W Coolermaster PSU?

- Grady


here's a few thoughts ...if you do not like the way the chassis looks now on the web page 'cause of how 'toyish' or kiddish' it looks

Fugget About IT !

you will never like your build and wish you had something else.

if you are thinking of saving some $$$ and time using an older PSU that's non-modular in smaller chassis

Fugget About It !

It is NOT a good idea to intentionally skimp on the PSU with a new build & wiring with a modular PSU is going to be worth it'll see.and won;t have to 2nd guess your decisions later

depending on other hardware selected you maybe looking at least a 750W 80+ PSU 

hope some of this helps[:)]



I'm actually not a fan of the lanboy but cases are all personal preference. You might also want to take a look at the haf cases. I mean the name says it all: high air flow. rrplay is totally right, do not skimp on the psu. I was actually talking to someone else about this but there is an online psu calculator that does a pretty good job of ball-parking what wattage you need. I'm not sure about your budget but I would look at an 80+ certified "brand name" (or at least one with good review) psu.

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It's not a bad case and does have some great cooling ability but it's not really my style. I used to get flashy cases, now I look for understated and quiet.

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Thanks Drake for that link, It was VERY helpful! Mine calculated to be about 400W, Altough I've thought about what  rrplay said, And i think ill just invest in a 600-750W Modular PSU.

Thanks guys, Grady :)


@Grady56 Even though it's convenient to use a PSU calculator to get a general idea.

it's good idea to overshoot a bit because you may want to OC and will most likely need the extra 'headroom' for system stability..

As for it being modular >> when working in a smaller chassis you'll definitely be glad you spent the extra cash.


Yeah the calculator is just nice to get a starting point. You dont want a 1000 watt psu when you only need a 650. You need to think of upgrades in the future(2nd video card??) as well so it's always nice to get a bit more than you need. @rrplay is right about the modular psu, you don't want your box to look like a rats nest if you get a case like the lanboy.


Another thing worthwhile to mention is that one manufactures PSU ability to supply clean' power at a specific rating can easily differ from another.That's why they have a premium price.& a good price/performance deal can be had for the savy ..just takes a bit of planing and evaluation which is certainly time well spent.

That's why some guys post a proposed build list to get a few extra eyeballs on it and others can offer some feedback  ..which is never a problem around here.

Der Meister

get a seasonic 650 and you'll be golden for a long time


That seams to be the general trend around hothardware: get a seasonic.


I kind of like the look it has. If you get it, I would recommend a modular PSU. As for weather or not its a good buy is up to you, I think its a lot to pay for just the case, But to each his own. 


or a PSU made by Seasonic like the Corsair modular 850W psu

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Bill Owen (from the ModMen show) did a somewhat unorthodox video review of this case ...let's just say, he was not impressed