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ToyToys 'R Us, which has sold iPods for quite some time, is hopping onto the hot "magical" Apple tablet bandwagon.

Toys 'R Us will begin selling the iPad 2 on Sunday, April 17, and it's no secret, either: Toys 'R Us has a shopping page up on the Web. The page lists those locations will that have availability on Sunday, but the quantity will vary from store to store. In the coming weeks and months, iPad 2 supplies for Toys 'R Us locations will increase.

Toys 'R Us will sell both the 16GB and 32GB wi-fi only models, for the normal retail price of $499 and $599, respectively. The 16GB model will be available in both black and white, but for some undisclosed reason the 32GB model will only come in black.

In addition, Apple iPad Smart Covers, in both polyurethane and leather variants, will be sold at Toys 'R Us. The $39 polyurethane models will be available in pink, blue, and green. Reportedly, Toys 'R Us' Times Square flagship store will carry the black and tan leather covers for $69.

Toys 'R' Us is just the latest retailer to join the host already selling the iPad 2.  In addition to its own stores, as well as Verizon and AT&T stores, Apple has a footprint in several major U.S. retail chains, including Best Buy, Radio Shack, Sam's Club, Target, and Walmart.
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Expected. Seeing as how they expanded into the gaming market, it was only a matter of time before they jumped into the gadget market, I can really see some teen using the iPad for it's intended purpose.

Next up, how long until Toys R' Us starts selling cellphones.


I remember when a Toy Store just sold toys and games appropriate for children. Of course they will have to expand their stores to attract older customers. I just have a hard time thinking a kid will be screaming for a IPAD2 instead of the newest video game. Times just keep on changing and I hope I can continue to keep up.


I don't think I'd let my child OWN an ipad.

Chances are if you're old enough to appreciate and take care of an expensive tablet, you are more of a best buy kind of kid anyways.

That's something you hand them on the plane to get them to be quiet. I would have to run into really responsible kid to be convinced they need it all day.


Wow they are really trying to get the ipad out everywhere. Toys r us, i did not expect that to happen xD


They certainly are trying to get the iPad everywhere. I could see this type of technology being provided to each student in school similar to the current one2one laptop programs.