Hey peeps, i've been trusted, and honored, with writing up a FAQ section for a class for a well respected professor at my campus--it will be published in the course workbook come the fall! I want you to ask any question related to nutrition that you have, or post a common "fact" (could be a fact or just a rumor that you have come to beliebe or your family/peers to believe) on the subject of nutrition.

The science of nutrition is relatively new, with new information coming in all the time. Nutrition and fitness, two sides of the same coin, are the most interested subject of the american people--yet the subject continues to be the most misunderstood (thanks to the internet for one). I want your questions, and I hope to provide the best and reliable information on the subject that you could find. So please, ask away!

I can't promise you immediate responses just yet, i'll complile the questions, answer them and then submit them to my supervising professor for review. After that,  i will get back to you guys with answers ASAP

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Well, couldn't help to ask.

Is maintaining your sodium an important part of a healthy lifestyle?

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I try to limit my intake of salt as much as possible. I use a salt-substitute (potassium chloride) in place of salt (sodium) whenever I need to add a little zest to my food. Is there a downside to substituting potassium for sodium?


I  would like to hear a bit more about  the Master Cleanse to clean out body toxins etc. I did it one time about 2 years ago a felt great after afterwards and am considering doing it again this year.



i like these questions so far. I can add really quick to Taylor, YES! Absolutely it can be very very important. Especially for someone at risk for cardiovascular diseases and kidney problems


I've got one for you. I have wicked back carpal tunnel syndrome, both wrists. I've been wearing a brace for a year and switching up positions of my wrist/arm but nothing helps so I finally went do the dr.  He prescribed ibuprofen and a new brace, I really didn't like his answer because I have been doing that for a year now with no results and I really don't want to take meds three times a day, it seems like it would be hard on my body and expensive. My question to you and everyone is has anyone tried cortisone shots or surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome or has anyone had their symptoms go away by doing something different?


i rather stay away from making a comment that can be taken as a medical diagnoses or interfere with a current one. Sorry