I was just commenting in a different post about wanting to see a comparison of the closed loop systems. Antec, Asetek, CoolIT, and Corsair have some really nice closed loop systems but i would like to seem them all compared side by side. Ideally with a sandy bridge 2500k or 2600k. Sorry if someone else already posted this.


Kuhler - 620

Hydro h50

Hydro h60

Hydro h70





Vantage A.L.C


I'm sure there are more and it gets confusing because the different companies have teamed up to design these coolers so some of those might actually be the same cooler with different branding. For example the corsair and the asetek ones.


here is some info get you started regarding the Aeteks' their is also a new Antec 920

a bit more can be found here at

Antec 620/920

Antec or Corsair

Cool it Sytsems Eco Vantage  plenty of links reviews etc

what's interesting too is that some folks have different performance while experimenting with fans and setup with the chassis they have.just takes a bit of reading and evaluation as usual for selecting any of these products  just because a review and line up has Brand A being 5C cooler than Brand B under load is that the criteria you would base your decision on rather consider what would be the best choice for you to maximize your performance / price ratio.

maybe some of this will help and seems like a good project to get some handy info here for others as well.



Thanks for the links. I've been doing a bit more research since I posted that. I saw the antec 920, I really like that it comes with software to help control the fans based on your needs. It did an amazing job in extreme mode but I guess it was super loud. I'm not planning a build for a few months but I always like to keep up to date on the components I'll use. I just really like how much space you save with the closed loop systems, opens up options for tall memory or memory fans. I dont ever go on and I don't know why, I should start. I really like how the h60 installs compared to the antec 620/920, I wish it would preform a tiny bit better. I'll probably end up going with the antec 620 unless they come out with something better before I build. The h70 and 920 just seem like overkill for what I would be doing.



Almost forgot to mention the  Official Corsair H50/H70 Club

That thread is now an official thread and lot's of great and handy links on the 1st page a short read will answer a lot of questions regarding  the fan setup as well as TIM used by Corsair > Shin Etsu as well the the 'Shroud' mod and other along .with some nice user rig pics as well.



Thanks for that thread, I'm learning so much just from the pictures alone! I've noticed some of the users are mounting the radiators in the front of the case, that is something I had not even thought of before, interesting stuff. The same goes for the shroud, who would have thought that would lower temps  I"m working my way through the first page now, such a great article. It answers any question you could possibly have about these systems. I will definitely be browsing that site more.


Came across this as well and you may enjoy it

Corsair H50 mod with two 120mm radiators in Silverstone TJ10 case

Def non-official stuff but some really great ideas and pics of what's possible is always gooood  [Y]

 & just the thing for my 'geek porn fix'[H]



I had to go smoke a cigarette after looking at those pictures. Just kidding, but seriously that is such an awesome machine. I guess i dont understand why he didn't just set up a custom loop, he went to a lot of trouble to use the h50 parts. Maybe because he to keep it compact? Or maybe just for bragging rights. I bet that thing is a furnace with dual 480's and all of those drives.That dude has a bit more money to spend than I do. Thanks for that link, it made my day.


for the last 2 months i've used a coolermaster seidon 120XL closed loop liquid cooling system and i must admit it was so simple to install and i've not had one problem with overheating as of yet, probably because the 120XL is designed with overclockers in mind using 2 fans with a push/pull configuration, i dont overclock so this is somewhat over engineered for my system lol. my last cpu popped because of thermal grease drying up and a psu meltown, so i made sure everything was researched to the fullest for the replacement build.