excuse me if i sound retarded, but i understood a good 2/3 of that. the issue i am having is what do xeon proccesors do? why would any one prefer one over say an i7. can anyone please elaborate this point for me?


Really for most uses on a home computer including gaming a 10 core Xeon CPU is over the top. If you are doing CAD work or maybe Graphic design/Game Design or something of that nature or higher Accounting work there would be a point and or Scientific work involving super number crunching (Genetic/Physics/etc), also for bragging rights lol! Other than specialized higher end work that requires it basically I see no reason. To many on HH it is just exciting because it moves everything forward more. In reality almost everything developmentally moves to the military then to science, industry and then finally comes to the commercial market for the general consumer. So when we actually see these things hit the Industry side of things they have already been through Military and science and are getting to general industrial sales that means we or the general market and population is next. Which also means there is higher end equipment (which is generally hidden from the general market) that is both being used and developed above those being used in the hidden (Military, Science, Industrial) portions of the market.