Alright here's the situation. He's on a very tight budget like under $300. He wants the best video card, he needs a case, he already has 256 SDRAM so I want to find a board that heas 168 pin and 184 pin for the future. Im already set on the processor which will be XP 1700+. So I figure the video and cpu will cost 200 alone. So for under 100 he needs a case and mobo which supports on-board sound and 168 and 184 pin memory. Can anyone help me?? He also currently has a MATX case if I recall? So either one ATX or MATX will do.

CPU- XP 1700+
VID- The Best for 100>??
The best video card for < $100 IMO are the new Radeon 9000 Pro cards.
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THe only board i can think of thats cheap and support SDR & DDR is the ECS K7S5A for about $45 or if you can pick up a ASUS A7A266 or something. Case well that depends i am sure you can find one from a local dealer.
Just a suggestion. Have you thought about a mobo with integrated sound and vid. This will save you money.

I know integrated vid sucks, but if you get a board with an AGP slot and where the vid can be disabled in BIOS, the PC can be built, used now, and save money. The vid card can be added later as money allows.

With a tight budget sometimes you have plan for future expansion by using what you would normally not even look at. But make it doable with careful planning.

Again, just a suggestion.
Asus A7A266-E will support DDR and SD RAM. You can also get it with optional 6.1 channel sound (pretty sure its 6.1 but could be 5.1)

You should be able to get one for about $75 maybe less.

Geforce 4 mx 440 for less than $100.
Creative Vibra less than $30.
Standard Midi tower (ATX) less than $30

You should be able to come in under $300 no problem.
The ECS K7S5A is a great budget board. The thing runs like a dream (although mine seems to have died). And for video card, Radeon 9000 all the way. Also, why not get an Athlon 1800, it's only like $5 more. Buy all this crap from NewEgg. You'll definately fit your budget.
Thanks guys. I forgot to add that he's into heavy gaming. I want a board that comes with onboard audio not video. Also are there any boards that support onboard audio, Xp cpu, MATX, and DDr and SDRAM?? That would be ideal so I wouldnt have to buy a new case and that saves 35. I've been looking on newegg and i couldnt find that board. Also im going with a 1700+ rather than 1800 because I use both daily and the 1700 is so much better in my opinion. Ive read reviews of the ATI 9000. Is it really that good? Also its around 97 right. He basically wants to spend around 200 but the most he'll do is 250. The main part of this project is I need the best cpu, MATX mobo, vid card, for a heavy gamer.
I played all games perfectly on the ECS board. It's a great board, it really is. The Radeon 9000 should handle most games, if not all. It's no Ti4600, but it's supposed to be pretty good for the price.
ISnt the radeon card coming out the 16th??
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The Radeon 9000/PRO has been out for over a week you muct be thinking of the Radeon 9700 which comes out about that time. No one in their right mind would recommend a Geforce4 MX over a Radeon 9000/PRO. It maybe slightly slower in old games but in newer ones it's ALOT faster & supports ALOT more features