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The solid state storage market continues to bristle with activity. Over the last couple of weeks, we have shown you two hot new SSDs from OCZ—the Vertex 3 and the Vertex 3 Pro--that offer stellar performance, thanks in no small part to their next-gen SandForce SF-2000 series controllers with native SATA 6Gbs support. And now, it is Intel’s turn to make a little noise in the space with new drives that boast similar SATA 6Gbps support.

To coincide with the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and the Intel Solution Summit that took place in Las Vegas this past week, Intel announced its brand new Solid State Drive 510 Series products. The new 510 Series SSDs build upon Intel’s successful X-25M series of solid state drives by offering native support for SATA 6Gbs interface speeds, with maximum reads in the 500MB/s range and write speeds of approximately 315MB/s—huge improvements over the previous generation...

Intel SSD 510 Series SATA 6Gbps Solid State Drive Review


A big win for OCZ..... I can only see people choosing the 510 over the Vertex 3 because of the branding and specially because the previous gen Intel SSD's had rave reviews about their reliability. But times have change , OCZ has done an excellent job and that hundred dollar less price factor (and performance)is going to swing buyers to their product.


Again OCZ is clearly the leader in the SSD space.

I am hoping prices will come in as the technology becomes more mainstream.

Great review Marco


I have a 2010 uMBP with the 3Gbps how will this SSD perform on it? Will I notice any difference from my X25-M 160GB?


I'm driven by availability and price,.......when I'm buying.

Most of these drives are close performance wise, and all of them are smokin' fast, so I'm not stuck on brand loyalty at all.


Hey jwelsh just look at the write up on the vertex 3's with the benchmarks as it shows the difference on the same drive is Sata 3Gbps and Sata 6Gbps while it may not be double the performance I would bet it is somewhat close to that as the 2 interfaces are setup so. I think Sata 3 stops at 300, but generally performs at between 200 to 250 Gbps where Sata 6Gbps performs pretty close to it's name which would be at least double.

Either way as far as I see it this is going to finally start a price war. While we have seen minor ones really up until now this one looks different. The Intel drives write speeds are half if not less than half of the OCZ drives while the reads are close to the same. One way to rationalize this for easier understanding is the difference between downloads and uploads with your internet connection. If you up speed is low it in the end has a major effect on your total internet speed.

While of course upload speeds in the US at least are generally nowhere near the download speeds available even on a corporate account unless of course you pay dearly for it network communication is two way at all times. This is because networking in general has to let where ever the information was sent from know it was successfully retrieved. If this does not happen the sender keeps sending it over and over locking up the data flow.

While this is of course different that point is just for general understanding. Either way I bet Intel will have to lower there prices if competition becomes heated. They can of course to make a big first drop which I bet they will. OCZ then has much lower costs of operation than Intel so they match or beat them etc. Meanwhile everyone else has to come at least somewhat close to these prices. So I also hope this happens, but with the difference in general OCZ and Intel prices I cannot see how it will not, especially with a performance difference, if even on one side that is this significant.


Random read/write, especially small block random read/write, is by far the most noticeable performance metric of an SSD in real world situations. What this means is that this drive is almost a step back for Intel.


yeah intel's letting everyone down :/ for ssd, im gunna have to go with OCZ

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I'm still holding out on an SSD to see more price drops and more advances. In my mind it's still in it's infancy and is only going to get better and cheaper.  I'm fine sitting back and waiting.


Hey Joma I would suggest you grabbing one of the cheaper smaller drives so you could see. I have a Kingston 60Gb which I know is one of the lesser of the brands, and of course 60Gb is one of the lesser of capacities to. You can grab one for cheap though. Then you can check it out for under $100, in may cases considerably under that $100. I will bet you, that you don't mind it in the least as even with the one I have it makes a significant difference. I would love to get a larger one but I am waiting for these new OCZ drives to actually get some competition (as OCZ has been pretty generous about dropping there prices) then I will grab a 120Gb I think.

This Intel drive you have to wonder why they rushed it though with the seen stats on it. I mean one side (Read or Write) is great it seems, while the other is median performance wise or ar least by what you would expect after seeing what the OCZ standard or pro can do. I bet it has lesser room to spare as well so that the one stat that matches the OCZ 500 Gps won't actually do it for lack of overhead consistently over time.