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The visionary behind Apple's resurgence may have only weeks to live. On Wednesday, Feb. 16, Radar Online reported that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is receiving cancer treatment at the Stanford Cancer Center in Palo Alto, California, while the National Enquirer is reporting that Jobs has only weeks to live.

The Stanford Cancer Center is the same place where actor Patrick Swayze sought chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer. Steve Jobs earlier won a 2004 battle with a rare form of pancreatic cancer, but in 2009 was forced to undergo a liver transplant.

The new issue of the Enquirer purports to show a frail, gaunt and "terminal-looking" Jobs in images. Critical care physician Dr. Samuel Jacobson told the Enquirer:
"Judging from the photos, he is close to terminal. I would say he has six weeks. He is emaciated and looks to have lost a lot of muscle mass, which spells a poor prognosis."
Dr. Gabe Mirkin, a physician with 40 years of experience, said:
"He is terminal. What you are seeing is extreme muscle wasting from calorie depravation, most likely caused by cancer. He has no muscle left in his buttocks, which is the last place to go. He definitely appears to be in the terminal stages of his life from these photos. I would be surprised if he weighed more than 130lb."
Although the Enquirer is known as a tabloid, it gained a measure of respect from uncovering John Edwards' affair with Rielle Hunter. More recently, the Enquirer was the first to report that Liz Taylor was hospitalized (last week), although it had the medical reason wrong. The report from Radar Online, confirming Jobs' treament in Palo Alto, lends credence to the report.

Jobs, who will turn 56 on February 24, announced on January 17, 2011 that he was going on a medical leave of absence. In his stead, COO Tim Cook is running the day-to-day operations at Apple.

The thing that gets me here is those pictures are probably old pictures from times such as following his Liver Transplant or during his last treatment period. Then they take them to a doctor saying they are current etc, he makes his prognosis on false data. Either way whatever is going on with Steve Jobs I wish him the best, and hope that he recovers from all of this. He is after all a visionary as well as a man who has changed our world in a great way on multiple occasions. If it would not have been for his competition who knows if we would be where we are today as an egg will never hatch if it is not laid right.


While I am in no way an Apple fan, if this is true then it will be a sad day indeed when he passes. Steve has been a visionary in the tech world, and he will be missed the world over.


this is something i wouldnt wish on my worst enemy.... hope he recovers, we need a guy like him to make other companies use their engineers and designers to compete.


Thats what you get when you race to a different state and jump the queue to get a teenage girl's liver ahead of other people who were waiting longer.

Karma is a [censored].


Ah, i wasnt aware of that part....


Yeah somehow that never made the news.


Even if he did take a liver from some one who may have deserved it more, i dont think you should be glad about some one dying. 


Never wish cancer on anyone,......

It's horrible



i wish he can live through the 70's and maybe even 80's, the cancer just magically disappear , he is the one who can bring technology to the world.....