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It's baaaack! Thermaltake Level 10 gaming chassis was easily the most amazing, wild and unique looking cases on the market during its heyday, but we suppose that heyday ends now. The reason? The second version! Thermaltake knew that they had to keep a good thing going, so version two has arrived. The Level 10 GT is a towering gaming case that's just as hardcore as the original, with more room than most people will ever have use for, and an amazing, vivid exterior that looking nothing like any other case on the market -- aside from the original Level 10.

The Level 10 GT was first revealed at CES, but now it's available to order and shipping out to consumers. The Level 10 GT adds 200mm fans, a 140mm rear fan, USB 3.0, removable fan filters, large directional airflow from the side panel fan and room for the biggest video cards out right now up to 37cm in length. The GT is also more affordable than the first, with a price of $269. There are 5 internal hot-swappable bays (each of which can handle 2.5" and 3.5" HDDs), and the case is designed with a pull-out to hold your gaming headphones. Now, you didn't know you needed a new machine, but you're really feeling the itch now, huh?

Thermaltake Announces Immediate Availability of Highly Anticipated Level 10 GT - Performance Gaming Computer Case

City of Industry, California - February 9, 2011 - Thermaltake, the market's most trusted brand in D.I.Y. computer cases and max-performance power supplies, announced today the immediate availability of the highly anticipated Level 10 GT super gaming full-tower computer case. The Level 10 GT case was introduced during 2011 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) held at Las Vegas, Nevada. Level 10 GT is the successor to the original Level 10, the design collaboration between Thermaltake and BMW Group DesignworksUSA.

The case's announcement during 2010 CES attracted high-volume of media coverage and quickly trickled down to the PC enthusiasts and gaming communities with approvals of the Level 10 GT's breakthrough in design and innovative features.

Commenting on the Level 10 GT during the CES launch, Overclockersclub, an independent news media had this to say," This year Thermaltake upped the ante in its chassis line up with the introduction of the Level 10 GT chassis at CES.  The level 10  was a piece of art in the form of a computer chassis and the level 10 GT takes all of these styling cues and puts them in a chassis that comes with improvements to the airflow through the chassis with the use of 200mm fans in addition to the 140mm rear fan. You get the latest technologies with the addition of USB 3.0 connectivity, hot swap drive bays and a fan speed control built into the switch panel. Like the original Level 10 it's the small things that are not obvious that really make this case, things like the removable fan filters, large   directional airflow from the side panel fan and room for the biggest video cards out right now up to 37cm in length. The Level 10 GT is an improvement in form and function for the gamer all at a more appetizing price point."

"[Level 10 GT] is a revision of the [Level 10] that is meant to be more affordable ($269 MSRP), but still keep the same styling as the original Level 10.  This case has a ton of great features.  The first is that there are 5 internal hot-swappable bays, each of these bays can fit 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch drives.  These bays are easily removed by pressing in a button on the side and sliding them out.  This case is designed to be a gaming case so there is a pull out headphone holder, which is perfect for LAN parties." Commented Bob Buskirk, owner of

Feature Highlights

Unmatched Cable Management - While many cases on the market claim to have cable management, it simply means those cases have enough room on the opposite side of the case to "hide" the excess cables. With Level 10 GT, users will be amazed at how well the cable management system works. Instead of hiding the cables, users can properly separate cables and channel them through the grooves strategically placed on the back of the case. When adding graphic card or hard drives, users will no longer need to untangle the power cables that had been "hidden" away. All hard drives' power connectors are pre-wired eliminating the need for rerouting. Not only does a properly cable managed computer perform better through improved airflow, but also makes the system neater.

Convertible Top-Vent 240mm Water-Cooling Design - With the popularity of performance water-cooling solution for PC, Level 10 GT features a removable top meshed panel with included true 200mm exhaust fan. Should the user wish to integrate 120mm or even 240mm water-cooling, the fan can be easily removed and the water-cooling radiator can be quickly installed. The removable top also enables easy cleaning of the dust build-up on the fan or mesh.

Hinged Side-Panel Door with Plug&Play Fan Power - For power users who frequently upgrades graphic cards, memories or simply performing maintenances, the hinged side-panel door design eliminates the hassle of having to awkwardly sliding the side-panel off. In addition, the side-mounted oversized 200mm intake fan's power connector automatically disconnects itself without any user intervention.

Hot-swappable Hard Drive Caddies - Want to add additional hard drive to boost your overall storage capacity? Need to take the hard drive out to move large amount of data? With Level 10 GT's true hot-swappable hard drive caddies, user is able to quickly remove the hard drive without having to open up the computer systems and un[censored]it from the hard drive cage. And thanks to Level 10 GT's embedded hot-swap backplane, user can remove the storage hard drive without having to shut-down the system.  The hard drive caddies also provide native support for all 3.5" and 2.5" SSD. The hot-swappable hard drive caddy design opens up a whole new world of possibilities where power user can enjoy running multiple operating systems simply by swapping the system hard drive to cloning numerous hard drives at any given time.

Massive Airflow & Quiet by Design - Building a high-performance gaming rig is not simply putting together the best graphic card(s), CPU, memories or hard drives / SSDs. What's more important is ensuring all the critical components are properly cooled. Being the industry-leading brand in PC thermal management, Thermaltake incorporated not one or two, but rather three true 200mm fans into the Level 10 GT. An additional 140mm TurboFan is also embedded into the back of the case. Each of the 200mm fans can be controlled via the ColorShift control on the top of chassis. ColorShift enables user to take full control over the color LEDs on each fans to match the gaming or working environment. Fan speed control acts as a turbo boost control which users may increase the fan speed to properly exhaust heat build-up during gaming session or to lower the fan speed while working or simply browsing the web.

In addition to the features highlighted, Level 10 GT comes standard with every premium features a PC enthusiast or hardcore gamer would want. High-speed data transfer can be achieved with two SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports on top as well as an eSATA port. Four additional USB 2.0 ports are located on the front bezel. Each intake fans comes with dedicated filter system and can be easily removed for cleaning without having to open the system. Locking systems for both hinged side-panel door and hot-swappable hard drive caddies are embedded to prevent theft when the system is brought to LAN events or public areas. Eight PCI slots to support NVIDIA SLI or AMD CrossFireX multi-graphic card setups. Fully black-powdered interior is perfect for anyone wishing to showcase the impressive components. 

Wow this case is DDG!!!


Casegasmic.... The cable management in this case looks phenomenal.

I LOVE those external removable drives!! Thats really innovative.... well, not really innovative, as HP deskptops have offered them, but very cool!!

Removable dust filters w/o opening the case!!

Argh, why, why does this beast cost $300.. why


I love my white NZXT phantom case but this one really is nicely laid out. Would be fun building a new system with this case.


We will have it here SOON! Woot!



The third pic makes the case look like it has feet under the case, like a wind-up toy,  ready to walk away with a couple of turns.

Jokes aside, these high res photo helps the case a lot, cause when I first saw the Level 10 GT , it was quite ugly. But now it really seem very impressive looking. Very Tight cable management , its gooood.


I'll give you $75.00 for it, but you have to pay for shipping,.............


This appears to be designed better than the original Level 10, and definitely more affordable.


I wishh you can give it away in the sweepstakes build.... I will cry and donate my tears of joy!!


um, i think i need a new computer just to match it 🙂. Very neat, it looks a whole lote better then the first one, the first one with all those slot look to it isn't me. i like it to be whole and attached :)


Wow; this is a very nice case, integrated USB 3, awesome routing, great fan layout, 5 removable drives, looks awesome and on and on and on. I agree I would love to see one of these in a giveaway that would be awesome. However; with a tag on it like that it is also affordable, definitely higher than the run of the mill, but nowhere near the price of the last level 10.


This will be my next case!

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I guess I'm the odd man out: I think this thing is dog-ugly compared to the original Level 10 design (which I loved).

They got rid of the thing that made it unique (it wasn't a big box). this looks like a normal case that's had a layer of plastic added to make it resemble the original case.


3vi1 wrote:

I guess I'm the odd man out: I think this thing is dog-ugly compared to the original Level 10 design (which I loved).

They got rid of the thing that made it unique (it wasn't a big box). this looks like a normal case that's had a layer of plastic added to make it resemble the original case.

I take issue with your assessment, 3vi1 and also your link! Haha!!  [:D]

This link is much better for the original Level 10:


So there.  :P


Dave_HH wrote:

We will have it here SOON! Woot!

 Wow this is a good article and a wicked case cant wait till you get it to see more of it! I,ve had one Thermaltake case a while back it kinda got stolen when I first got sick and was in the hosp and recovering at my sisters house in Alabama! Anyway it was the Xaser edition and at that time its was the bomb really cool case then and now! But since then Thermaltake has upped their game quite a bit and I really like these new editions especially this one, they really are thinking outside the box and giving their customers something to choose from especially Gamers and enthusiast! I would love to have somthing like that for sure looking forward to you showing it off when you get it!!!I guess my 2 fav Case manufacturers would be CoolerMaster and Thermaltake!