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The pocket camcorder segment has definitely calmed down somewhat. Flip Video had a good thing going, and now Sony, Samsung and numerous others have joined in. Sony's most recent addition is the Bloggie Touch, and while the specifications set is quite impressive, one thing has bee a [censored] in its armor for OS X lovers: no Mac support. That's changing this week, as Sony has finally unveiled Mac compatibility for this camcorder.

Of course, you could always pull the video from your Bloggie Touch and edit with iMovie or any other Mac-friendly editing application, but now, the Bloggie Touch Software itself is supported within OS X. It's hard to say how many people will jump ship from their existing editing software and rely on something from Sony, but it's never bad to have options. There's a video below that outlines the highlights of the software, so be sure to give that a look before downloading.


Does it not just amaze you that this little thing is a Camcorder whereas 5 years ago a camcorder was a giant device comparatively. You can shove one of these in your pocket whereas a camcorder used to need it's own carrying apparatus. I wonder what hoops Apple is making Sony jump through to give this to customers. It has always kind of fascinated me that Apple which basically operates with the same hardware can get away with being so proprietary.


Still wont be as good as a actual camcorder... but i cant disagree, its come a long way.

Though.... the name is something i can never appreciate....."Bloggie Touch".... seriously? Bloggie Touch???

What are we? 8 years old that we have a......... "bloggie touch"


It's for people doing blogs, hat would u have called it? Plain old camcorder?


yea, i didnt mean to sound like a dick when i said that.... But... plain old camcorder is also a little extreme.

Something that comes to might

"Sony Take-note"

"Sony Observe"

"Sony ViPe"

ViPe? It means Video Personality..

Come on.... these names kick MORE ass than Bloogie Touch


**Comes to might,.... lol, I meant Mind haha.