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07: HotHardware's Two and A Half Geeks Webcast - January 18, 2011In this episode of Two and A Half Geeks, Iyaz, Dave and Marco talk about rooting tablets with custom Android ROMs for a better experience, NVIDIA's new GeForce GTX 560 Ti and AMD's new Radeon HD 6950 1GB graphics cards, along with a view of a new light Linux desktop called Jolicloud, wrapping up with good ol' fashioned rip session on Duke Nukem Forever. Oh, and we let some contest details slip as well...

Show Notes:
00:43 - Rooting the Viewsonic G-Tab
04:43 - NVIDIA Launches GeForce GTX 560 Ti, AMD Launches 1GB Radeon HD 6950
07:16 - Jolicloud Cloud-Based Linux Desktop Review
11:13 - Duke Nukem Forever Gets a Release Date
14:36 - Upcoming Contest Details


Great Episode..

Iyaz is a Fire Starter...I wonder how many calls has Marco received already LMFAO.

But to tell the Truth Marco is right, especially with DX 11 titles, plus you get support for 4-5 monitors at once, so it makes a great multitasking choice, but the 560 is my pick overall.

As for Duke Nukem, its true that the selling point is the comedy and the Babes. The fact that you can ride vehicles, shoot aliens and go to the strip club is priceless. But seeing the trailer, I was more impressed with the jokes than the actual game, there's nothing that I haven't seen or done already in other games, Crysis 2 is more exciting, but I'm A Duke Nukem super fan, so I'm buying it whether or not it receives good reviews, but I expect to have an unforgettable experience with the game.


Ahahah!! Marco, send him a power cord will ya?

Marco C

Oops! I have had it sitting in an evelope for weeks! it's coming--I promise.


Tell me you've been able to power the thing up, right? It's not like those cords are hard to find dude! :)


Iyaz is a grumpy old man and I think he's the youngest of the three of us actually. :)


Good one guys!


LOL Marco, at least you didn't forget any major parts :P

LOL lyaz, getting Marco on the bad side of nvidia, now we get one less sponsor for giveaways 😞! lol Or maybe it will get them to send more things to get on marco's good side... lol

I'll go get that alien now D:


This is going to be a mighty long comment, please bear with me here as I have an input for each category. So I’ll break it down

Tablets: I still see tablets as being a niche market. The reason I believe google has put limitations on certain devices is to avoid even bigger problems. If I’m not mistaken, Android froyo has a limited/max resolution. If all the tablets out there are have higher resolutions, the non-monitored Google apps store might have incompatibility issues.

The day I’d invest in a tablet is the day that tablet can do everything for me haha. For example, if I’m in the bus on my way home, on my tablet, I can see previews of whats on television that night. As soon as I get home, I go to the basement, and the tablet becomes a remote control where I can turn on the tv and home theatre system. While the shows going on, I can perhaps gain remote access to my desktop through the tablet and perhaps get some work done/ start downloads, research about whatever it is I am interested in. If it gets too cold, increase the heat, right from the palm of my hand, turn lights on and off etc. I know a good chunk of this is already possible, but its still expensive. I’d like to have a device (similar to what they show in the movies) that can do it all haha. Some day

As for android and rooting… the beauty of android lays in rooting. I’ve been using android devices (well, only two, the HTC dream and Milestone) for a little over a year… I think I have a much more functional phone after I rooted it and overclocked it. The possibilities of customization is endless… apart from just UI, there are a ton of useful tweaks one can do…. Saving/ backing up apps and data, ending precise apps when not needed. The best one I like is the scalable CPU options… my phone goes, the milestone goes down to 125mhz when in sleep mode, 1ghz listening to music and playing angry birds haha. I think that’s fantastic!!.


GPU’s: I think Marco said it all… A Cheerypick move by ATI haha… but smart nonetheless!. I’m going to stick with ATI in my next upgrade. Well, technically, my brothers upgrade. Bah, 250$.... I think I’ll just get a lower midrange card and spend the rest on the money on some memory perhaps a monitor, or that dang camera… perhaps pay off my loan. I donnnt know haha.

PS I hope you didn’t get a lot of calls!!

Jolicloud: I mentioned a similar thing as Iyaz… what about ChromeOS? I think it all comes down to perception. Most of the people, even though they might not be tech-savvy, as soon as they hear “Linux” they think something that looks old, doesn’t work as well, complicated etc.

As for netbook OS’s…. I agree win7 lite just kills it. But your right… if this [jolicloud] can run on PII processers with 128mb ram… I can see computers being recycled and used in school that cannot afford computers. Most school computers are used for what? Web, email, research projects.

Duke Nukem…. Lets just say I’m going to chew some (a lot) of bubblegum.

Upcoming Competition: I study in downtown Toronto… my main campus, whenever we ask/ tell others some directions, the main point of reference is Zanzibar… a strip joint hahaha. I don’t mind going there for a picture for “education purposes”


Props to 3vi1 on the Jolicloud propping. No as I said a few times before in other post's, and as Dave mentions as well it is good enough for a large percentage of general users, it is also stripped down so it should not be resource hungry. You can also log into moms jolicloud and fix it after her friend sends her an e-mail with a Trojan attachment from her church friends. Don't laugh I have fixed my mom's computer like 4 times for the same virus.

Anyway; duke nukem will be duke nukem right, and because of this it will be fun in it's mindless sort of way, also as Dave said it is supposed to be amusing and entertaining to right. Mindless fun does have it's pluses at times gaming could definitely be thrown into that mix. I am also quite happy another Marco build is coming up for a contest as well, from what I hear there great builds as well as inducing fitness across the board with bicycle generators for power :p

Awesome webcast as always!


bicycle generator ftw.

If that can be arranged... i wouldnt mind shedding off a few pounds while kicking some alien butt while chewing sugar free bubblegum

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Thanks rapid1!

I agree with what was said in the webcast:  Jolicloud's aimed at a completely different type of user.  If a use *wants* Windows 7, they're not going to be happy with Jolicloud.  But, if they want to do a few basic things, and need a secure OS that will perform well on minimal hardware, it's a good option.

I hate the "I've come here to kick ass and chew bubblegum...", "Hail to the King..." and other Duke Nukem "homages" where they're just ripping off funny things that movie characters said (They Live and Evil Dead 2, in those instances).  Hopefully DNF is full of original things.  I honestly did not want to like the game after all the wait, but must admit that it looks pretty damned good and will give it a chance now.