Mike Coyne

I was surf the web and found a information about Intel i7 EE 990X. It said that clock at 3.46 GHz and with turbo boost up to 3.73 GHz on 6 core. Wow, I wish that I get that  for my next PC build. It is no changed with that processor. Just stepping up and still remind unchanged and still unlocked (like its little brother 980X) I am sure Hothardware will get that for review soon.

Mike Coyne

Hey everyone,

Have you read my post?????????


Yep, I saw it. Out of my meager price range, but looks nice.

Have you heard about Sandy Bridge CPU's being over-clocked to over 5.0GHz. on air?

Mike Coyne

No, I have not heard of that . I did read about new Intel's Sandy Bridge CPU. It sound nice one.

Mike Coyne

Other stuff I did read that new  Intel Extreme Edition able OC up to 4.76 GHz on Air but I think it will be best with water cooling system.. Seem impressed with that.


Mike Coyne wrote:

but I think it will be best with water cooling system

I use an enclosed, all in one water cooling system on both of my i7-870's. One is the Asetek LCLC (low cost liquid cooling) and the other is a Corsair H50, and that is made by Asetek, for Corsair. Both are essentially the same design and both do a fine job of cooling for me. I have one of the 870's running at 3.83GHz. and the other at 3.9GHz. Both are stable and cool.

Early reports on Sandy Bridge systems are very promising and unless AMD pulls a rabbit out of their hat soon, I'll probably slowly migrate to the SB platform. They've kept the prices well within reason, so I can afford to buy them in time.

Mike Coyne

Sound good to me. Sandy Bridge CPU is nice and have lower power watts top at 90 to 95 watts. It  seem like go green power.