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Intel Core i7-2600K and i5-2500K Processors DebutToday’s pre-launch of Intel’s Sandy Bridge-based processors should come as no surprise to anyone who even remotely follows the PC tech scene. We, along with Intel and numerous other companies and media outlets, have been slowly leaking Sandy Bridge and Sandy Bridge-related details for many months now. Heck, we’ve even showed off a number of Sandy Bridge compatible motherboards in the past, posted pics of actual processors, and discussed many of the microarchitecture’s features already. We obviously weren’t able to disclose all of the platform’s specifics, however, and boy is there a lot still to cover.

We’ve had a few Core i5 and Core i7 Sandy Bridge based processors kicking around the HotHardware labs for a while now, along with a sampling of 6-series chipset based motherboards to go along with them. We’ve been poking, prodding, and testing them to get a good feel for what Sandy Bridge and 6-Series chipset is all about and we’ve amassed a boatload of data to share with you all here. In addition to putting a couple of Core i5 and Core i7 Sandy Bridge based processors to the test in our usual suite of benchmarks, we’ve also tested their new integrated graphics core and media encoding engine, tested various multi-GPU setups, overclocked Sandy Bridge, and even evaluated a few mainstream and enthusiast-class motherboards.

Intel Core i7-2600K and i5-2500K Processors Debut



Amazing !! Truly amazing , the performance of the 2600k is quite Spectacular. Intel Rocks.

Awesome review, easy to understand, and well laid out...2 Thumbs up.  (brb later with some questions)

Edit: Props for the EFI Bios video demonstration on the ASUS board, that's gonna be a hot seller!!


damn these CPUs look sexy


Thanks folks. Marco did kick butt on this one and so did Intel!


An excellent look at what's new from Intel. Thanks for all of the hard work and attention to details Marco.


I blindly expect it from Marco now. Not to say that is good, or that his efforts are unappreciated, as that is not at all the case. Marco is just one of the kings of bench marking and product reviews 🙂 Anyway; much like what I said on the mobile side of things, while very impressive I will still be looking at the next Tock before anything would be bought for me personally. I know Intel as always will amaze us on the next one to begin with, there are also things not included on this Tock that I would want. Things such as SATA and USB3 to begin with as well as there new BIOS product and there new COM specification which should be out on the next Tick I thin, and therefore optimized on the Tock as well. Technology is just moving both blindingly fast in at's capabilities today as well as in it's implementation/capabilities as well.


DAM nice, i love the bios they made. Your hard works paid off Marco, Great Review.


WOW what  great write-up ! Certainly the one we been waiting for.

I was really amazed to see what Asus did in the Bios & what kinda $$ these are going to be going for.

Thanks Marco !

Nice read! I'm sure I will have to go back, there was a lot of info there. Msi890fxa-gd75? 990fx? I hope there's a review in order...;-)

thars alot of info you must have had these for months ill have to read this agin the price is not as bad as i thought it would be but im with rapid1 ill have to wait. has evga made a mobo yet? good artical marco hope you and the family had a great holliday


dadodgeson wrote:

has evga made a mobo yet?

Yea, the EVGA P67 Classified, but it's strange that they haven't been marketing their P67 line-up.   Asus, Gigabyte, Asrock and Intel have been working hard on promoting their Sandy Bridge motherboards, but EVGA has stayed mostly quiet . One thing I do know and see, is that EVGA's cards are everywhere, so maybe they are cooking up some hot sauce ingredients for 1155 to dazzle @ C.E.S ....



will this proc work with a p55 chip set or will it be like shooting myself in the foot.  i read that the 67 chip set will be the only one to utilize the full overclocking potential for this chip.


Sandy Bridge has it's own socket motherboards instead of 1366 or 1156 sockets, they use the new 1155 socket to connect. You have a choice between P67 and H67 chipsets. There are CPU's with normally locked multipliers and others that are "K" series CPU's with unlocked multipliers. The unlocked are able to OC much better, but cost a little more too.

The P67 chipset is the one designated for enthusiasts. I hear that they're getting some of these CPU's up to, and beyond 5.0GHz. on air!  So it seems that the market is going through another upheaval.


thank you very much Neil for the information and i am amazed at how fast you respond to people comments on here.  Man i love this place, big up to life skills for showing me this site.


sKrappy wrote:

i am amazed at how fast you respond to people comments on here

I'm retired and have some time on my hands. I like helping out when I can.

Sandy bridge is going to be worth the money I think. I see it as a game changer.

('cmon AMD!)