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Do you hate spam? Yes. So does everyone. So does Daniel Balsam. He hates spam so much that he's doing something about it. In fact, he has made his life one that just fights spam, all day everyday. Daniel was previously in a marketing career, but now he's a lawyer. He dropped his marketing gig and headed to law school, and he has come out of it a lawyer who sues spammers day in, and day out. He created a website to showcase his hatred for those annoying messages that clutter inboxes daily, and now he's making a living from suing the folks that send it.

He has managed to make enough money to sustain himself, which says a lot about just how much spam is out there. Around 200 billion spam messages are shot out each day, which accounts for around 90% of all email. That's a big target for Daniel, and he's after them. So far, it seems that he's winning. Of course, it's pretty hard for spam senders to justify their actions, so it doesn't seem too difficult for Daniel to get on a winning streak.

While you may assume that everyone would be in support of his actions, that's not exactly the case. Some companies say that he's just out for easy blood, with many companies settling in order to prevent fighting a costly legal battle in court. But of course, that seems to be a weak excuse; if everyone is settling, they're pretty much admitting that they're wrong, or at least admitting that they have little to no chance of winning in court.

Whatever the case, we appreciate that someone's fighting spam, and we hope that these victories lead to a decrease in the amount of rubbish that floods our inboxes.
Super Dave

Daniel Balsam would be an excellent HotHardware moderator![:P]


ROFL; Super Dave, I would personally he is somewhat busy filing lawsuits, and of course showing up on his court dates. The one thing that really makes me wonder on this is this, the internet is everywhere so where does he file a case? Does he file it where he lives, or where the company that purportedly sent said email is headquartered etc.


Good question! So I’m a 26 with a background in Network engineering. Currently I’m mid-management for an online advertising firm. I’ve been working here for about a year and a half.

I’m responsible for managing our proprietary mailing platform.

Let me spread a little insight as this article is meager in some of the legal details.

CAN Spam act of 2003 – All Unsub(scribe) requests must be processed in the first 10 days. All Unsub links must be active for 30. You cannot have any misleading Subject/body/offers. For each of the aforementioned each infraction you are subject to a $15,000 fine. You also need to be able to provide and prove Opt-In info. We only mail to people that have bought products or signed up services from one of our existing publishers. Soooo we didn’t’ find you out of the blue ;)

You can be sued for using a company’s likeness, or for harassment… potential damages if you host a large enough network/data center and they feel you are affecting quality of service because of the immense traffic you are creating.

There are also whistleblowing organizations such as SpamHaus being the biggest. They have an IP blacklist (SBL) system that will instantly affect your deliverability. It’s my personal OPINION that they do not operate within the law; often times outright lying about the content of some of our emails. They have gone as far as masking and removing data from email headers and playing stupid >_


How did the mail make it there in the first place????? then expediting lawsuits against ISP’s that are in turn forced to shutdown our publisher’s servers “because we aren’t compliant” Most of the time we get them right back up but they use the law for leverage; bullying. We are good at what we do and push legimate offers/public announcements for city/state none of this Russian Watches/Viagra junk. Hater’s going to hate… but I’ve been on both sides of the fence. My future in Information Systems/Security will be strengthened by my experience in this field.

Super Dave

technoviking wrote:

We are good at what we do and push legimate offers/public announcements for city/state none of this Russian Watches/Viagra junk.

Legit offers/ads are fine and serve a useful purpose, and I appreciate that you took the time to post that info, technoviking. The members and moderators here at HotHardware are constantly fighting a battle with SPAMMERS that post on the forums! Some of these posts fall into a 'grey area' which may or may not be SPAM, and no moderator wants to delete a legitimate post. The SpamHaus Project (link HERE) provides a very useful tool that we can use to help determine if a 'grey area' post is legit or not.[Y]