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Hello Guys, I have discovered how to fix an error  in the Iphone 4. (this apply everytime Iphone release a new update for the Iphone)

It started when I downloaded and installed version 4.2.1 my automatically date and time got messed up. it rolled back few hours and in some cases i have read it rolled back few days. 

Well the answer in how to fix it is simple:

Unplug your Iphone from your PC/MAC

Open Itunes, 

Click at the Preference 


Delete the Previous backup you have, hit OK(Don't forget)

Replug your Iphone and it should be fixed, w/out erasing all the information of your phone. 

The problem consist that the previous back up would mess up the automatically date & time. 

This tutorial/do it yourself fixed would not harm or damage your phone. it would only delete your previous back-up however once you replug your phone it would save all the information back to your computer/mac.


Have fun!

Any questions feel free to reply and I would try to answer as soon as possible!


Thank you for your easy way to fix this issue that made me almost  throw  my iphone ...I appreciate your post ..and just to thank you i signed up for an account on this website..God bless you !!

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In glad and thankful that this post is still working :)